I Still… (Excerpt)

I Still...

“Hey, excuse me?” I called him by the corridor.

Denmark turned. “Can I help you?”

I smiled. “Yes. That was…”

He cut me off. “Thick, I know. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“I was about to say brilliant,” I offered.

“Yeah, and like they say, all heroes died in the end,” he said.

“I’d like to invite you to join our debating club. You could be a brilliant member. Are you in?”

He looked at me like I just said something ridiculous, but I waited for his answer, anyway.

“Your offer is good, but I think I’ll pass,” he finally said.

I tried to hide my disappointment. “Are you sure?”

He shrugged. “I still have to memorize that stupid poem, so…”

“You don’t have to decide right now.” I said. “But if in case you changed your mind, our club office is just right by the end of this corridor.”

At first, I believed I wanted Denmark to be part of the club because I saw something in him that a debating team member should have. During our every meet, I would always glance by the door every time someone came in, in hopes that Denmark had finally changed his mind upon joining the club, but he never did.

Until the day he had to recite Mi Ultimo Adios in front of the class.

“Do you we get to hear you, Mr.…?”

“Montes, sir. And yes, I guess I’m ready…”

I felt his anxiety despite my seat at the back row. I stole a glance from our professor who looked serious and expectant.

Mi ultimo adios …” Denmark began. “ Adios patria adorada. Region del sol querida…

I was surprised, because the way he said the words caught my breath. I looked at my classmates who were also intently looking at him.

“ …perla del mar de Oriente, nuestro perdido Eden! ”

Denmark looked so tall and confident. His jet-black hair looked shiny and contrasted his sexy pale skin. His brows creased in every accentuated Spanish syllable. There was a certain gleam in his eyes as if he meant every word he said. His nose was well-chiseled and almost perfect. His lips moved with refinement, and the sound of his voice showed graciousness towards the foreign language.

“Well, I should say that was good,” our professor declared.

My classmates applauded and I felt like an idiot, not noticing that his recitation was already finished. My gaze followed him as he went back to his seat. When our eyes met, he smiled. Despite the self-consciousness I felt, I tried to smile back.

My heart felt like butter in a heated pan.

I knew it meant something only to me, but I’d never forget that first smile we shared. That afternoon, while I was discussing the agenda with the debate society members, my eyes was almost fixed upon the door.

“I wonder what’s in that door,” Blake, my vice-chair whispered as he fixed his gaze upon the door as well.

“Shut it, you prick!” I whispered back, pinching him by the side.

Then suddenly there was a knock, and when the door burst open, I knew my eyes lit in wonder.

“You made it,” I said.

“Yeah, I guess I did,” Denmark replied.

Read the entire story by clicking here.


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