About Me


So, I see you stumbled upon my site.

My name’s Elizabeth. Sounds regal, right? Elizabeth I of England. Queen Elizabeth II. It’s also biblical. The cousin of Mary, the mother of God, is Elizabeth. I’ve even read somewhere that Elizabeth means God’s promise. 

But my friends call me Beth, which I think is totally fine as long as I can hear the “th” in the end, otherwise it sounds like a gambling bet. And it’s okay if you would be so assuming to be my friend and call me that, too. I am a writer. I write contemporary romance novellas and short stories in English and in Tagalog (my works can be seen here), love poems (maybe someday I’ll make a book out of it, too), SEO articles, academic essays, Facebook updates and comments, Instagram captions and comments, tweets, vandals in the bathroom walls, quotes on Starbucks napkins, reminders at the back of receipts, and even love letters to no one in particular. I also write about the books I’ve read, places I’ve been, food I enjoyed, events I’ve participated and even the little discoveries I encounter. Most of these stories can be read on this blog.

Spread the loooove!


Beth G.



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