#SunShorts: SunLife Pulls Our Heartstrings to Prepare For Our Future

We all have cried when Jollibee released its series of mini-videos not so long ago. The stories have made us realize the value of time, presence, and also the importance if allowing our loved ones to feel they are loved and cared for. This time, Sun Life is doing just the same, pulling our heartstrings one more time and forcing us to shed a tear as it makes us realize once again the value of preparing for the unknown – our future.

Sun Shorts is a series of short videos that highlights the different relationships we have, connections that “make our life brighter.” The stories appeal to our desire in chasing our dreams, inspiring us through our love and care for our loved ones. There are three videos, Waves, She Said She Said and Sayaw. 

Waves, directed by Zig Marasigan provides us with the mere idea of how millennials think – YOLO. This one is my personal favorite because of the kilig factor (it features uoung couple in love).

FACT: If you’re not married, Sun Life allows your significant other to be your beneficiary for personal accident plans, as long as both of you can present CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage). Find out more right here.

Zig Marasigan, director of Waves.

She Said, She Said features a single mom who strives so hard forher daughter. This is special because it wasn’t just the point of view of the mom talking abot her hardships and challenges – it also allowed the audience to hear the daughter and the only thing she wanted from her mom. Too tear-threatening, you know.

Nic Reyes, director of She Said, She Said

Sayaw also features a couple, older ones, in a marriage that has gone cold. This will make us realize how preparing for our future can totally salvage something like this.

And of course, the press launch of Sun Shorts wouldn’t be complete without the Sun Life ambassadors who have personal favorites in the featured videos. Matteo Guidicelli rooted for Waves, Judy Ann Santos picked She Said, She Said (she’s a mom, so), and Piolo Pascual voted for Sayaw. Ms. Charo Santos-Concio was also there, who provided an inspirational message on how life is indeed, a beautiful journey to be spent with loved ones, but also unpredictable, and so it is important to secure our future.

Inside scoop: Judy Ann and Piolo, the hit love team in the early 2000 were teasing each other into making a new project together. It was way too cool because the big boss (Ms. Charo) was there, (she was the one started all the banters, saying she was kinikilig, hahaha). Ms. Charo, Judy Ann and Piolo were all cast of that hit TV series, Esperanza.

You can watch Waves by logging on to http://brighterlife.com.ph/sunshorts/ or go to my Facebook page since I’ve posted it there as well. The other two videos won’t be available for public viewing until their scheduled release date.

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Beth G.


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