How Green Tea and Aloe Vera Products Changed My Life

It’s not so long ago when I started my newest skin care routine, and it’s totally inspired by my latest craze (yep, you got that right, it’s Korean skin care routine!). I was about to firmly believe that I should get my confidence somewhere else but from flawless skin. You see, if you have been following my journey through this blog, I’ve mentioned several times that I’ve been on immunosuppressants and steroids. MG was totally managed by this, but acne breakouts were not. Add the fact that they cause fluid retention that makes my face bloat, it completely justifies my lack of confidence when it comes to the pretty face department (not that I am pretty, duh!)

So now the steroids are gone, and I am left with all these acne scars and small bumps. I used sheet masks under the false belief that it could help. Well, yeah, they helped brighten my face and all, but the scars were still there. Until I discovered products imbibed with ingredients that are totally worth using to get rid of the these hateful acne scars and breakouts – green tea and aloe vera. 

Green Tea Facts

When we talk about health and wellness, the words green tea never go amiss. There are certainly lots of benefits that this so-called Asian brew possesses, including antioxidants. Yes, green tea is abundant of antioxodants (which you might probably know already) the kinds that has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in treating various skin disorders, including acne. What’s more, antioxidants are also the ones that fight free radicals (due to stress, smoking, prolonged sun exposure, etc.) so you don’t just get an acne-free skin – you also get younger looking skin. 

Aloe Vera Facts

I used to believe that aloe vera is there to take care of our hairs, like it’s only used by those who wanted to have thicker tresses. I didn’t know that aloe vera is in fact dubbed as the “plant of immortality” by the ancient Egyptians due to its never-ending healing properties. It treats sunburns, small cuts and skin abrasions, and of course – acne. It also has properties to help suspend the skin’s aging process, and so you also get younger-looking skin. 

I have been following an in-depth skin care ritual for several days now, and I can definitely see some improvements. I can’t even wait to share with you this skin care ritual, inspired by my Kdrama addiction (Lee Min Ho’s poreless face does this to me, tbh). So, stay tuned so you could read about my newest skin care routine in a future blog post. 

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Beth G. ❤


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