Beat the Heat With These Summer Essentials

We insist on calling April and May as summer months, despite the meteorologists repeatedly inform us that we don’t have summer. This is the time to enjoy and relax by the beach or by the pool, and everybody becomes BFFs with water, because let’s face it – the heat is on during these months. And while you might be busy planning your getaway and decide to be a beach bum, there some summer essentials that you should make sure to be in your bags. 

I actually just came back in Manila (I spent my long weekend in Albay which I would also be blogging soon, so stay tuned), and these are the things that were in my bag, essentially. Remember that even if I try to live life as normal as possible, I still have chronic illness. Anyway, regardless of condition, these are just the basic things you need in order to survive the heat of the dry season. 


Fact: Sunscreens block the harmful UV rays from damaging your skin. 

Myth: The higher the SPF, the more protected your skin is. 

Sunscreens are a life saver. Especially for me, since my skin is already too thin due to immunosuppresants. Notice that I only had an SPF 35. I read somewhere that the higher SPF does not guarantee to provide maximum sun protection. In fact, you are most likely to get sunburned if you use an SPF 35 without reapplying compared to those who use SPF 15 who reapply every 2-3 hours. Again, I read it somewhere. I also picked up a product that can be used on the face and the body, so I don’t need to worry about having two tubes in my bag. I went to the beach and stayed under the sun for half the day and spent a lot of time outdoors, yet I didn’t get sunburned. Maybe that’s because I reapplied. 

Aloe Vera Gel

Fact: Aloe vera gel is good for hydrating and moisturizing your skin, as well as soothing a sunburned skin.

Yes, aloe vera does soothes the skin when you have sunburns, and even mild burns. This is something that you should have, if not in your bag, then around the house. Keep in mind that the UV rays could still penetrate your sunscreen no matter how many times you reapply, so it’s best to have a remedy. 


Fact: Drinking six to eight glasses of water keeps you hydrated. 

This is a universal truth. On regular days, we are required to drink six to eight glasses of water, so what more if it’s during the blistering heat of the “summer”? The heat could dehydrate us quickly, making us feel so tired during the day. Errands don’t stop even if it’s summer and you just want to stay inside the house. So, always bring a bottle of water with you. Well, you can always buy bottled water from the convenience stores which is more expensive, or secure yourself a cute tumbler and have it refilled in drinking fountains. 

Face Towels

A sweaty look is such an awkward moment when you see your crush about to pass by you. So make sure you are totally covered by having face towels handy. I perspire a lot even when I was a kid (thank heavens for anti-perspirants 😂), and so I always make sure I have them in my bag, aside from hankies. I could also use them to wipe the sweat in my back, which can cause pneumonia – the death of an MG patient.

Hair Ties

Of course, this applies to those who have long hair like me, and who, like me, don’t want a pixie cut. This not only provides comfort, but could also salvage a bad hair day. 


Sunglasses protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. I remember when I was in the fourth grade, my science textbook says “bright eyes can injure your eyes.” Indeed, it isn’t just the heat of the sun that we need protection from, but also, its brightness. Plus, sunglasses could also be a fashion statement. 

There might still be a few things I missed (a fan, for example) that could save you from the discomfort brought about by the summer heat. But these are my summer essentials, and they practically help me survive heat. Do you have suggestions? What are your summer essentials? Tell me about them by commenting below. 


Beth G. ❤


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