GoWellXFitnessFirst: Sunlife’s Way of Taking Care of Our Health

I feel like I am already a regular to Sun Life events, and as you can see, I’ve already featured this company twice in my blog. Last Wednesday I was once again lucky enough to be invited to the press conference as Sun Life’s GoWell program collaborates with Fitness First in taking care of the health of the Filipinos. 

As everyone knows, Sun Life is a financial institution, a company that takes care of the wealth of its clients. Recently though, it’s been launching events that promote health and wellness among the Filipinos. What could the company possibly get from it anyway? 

Sun Life President and CEO Riza Mantaring pointed out that as they take care of their client’s wealth, they also felt the responsibility to ensure that their clients enjoy their wealth. Of course, how else could they possibly do that but to help their clients be healthy? 

Go Well is one of Sun Life’s health and wellness program that provides information not only to their clients, but also to anyone on how to be fit and healthy. After they conducted a study and concluded that many Filipinos have the desire to excercise and engage themselves in active lifestyle, yet do not have the time to do so, Sun Life decided to solve the problem. Active lifestyle can now be incorporated in our lives in our most convenient time. 

Ms. Mantaring started marathoning when she was 51. As a CEO and president of a huge company, it marvels me that she still finds time to train, do marathon and lead an active lifestyle. What she said above, is indeed true! 

I personally couldn’t engage myself in such a lifestyle (well, I think I could do walking), but it is something I believe should be encouraged. People these days may have a lot of things to do (career, study, household chores, etc.), but at the end of the day, we have to squeeze exercising in our daily lives in order for us to maximize living to the fullest. 

L to R: Jill Santiago, Mark Ellis, Riza Mantaring and Hiyasmin Mattison, as they sign the contract of partnership of Go Well and Fitness First

This partnership between Sun Life and Fitness First is just an indication that every aspect of our lives are intertwined and therefore important. As we become financially literate, we also need be aware of our health and start living a healthy lifestyle. Remember, your wealth won’t matter anymore if you cannot enjoy it the right way. So, it’s time to get fit and healthy. 

Beth G. ❤


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