Update, Update and More Updates

Hello everyone! It’s six a.m. in my side of the world, and before I start yet another busy day, I decided to update you guys of what I am currently up to. 

I haven’t posted anything for this month (shame on me!) despite all the movies and the functions I’ve been in (I’ve seen Belle and Prince Adam twice, and of course, Improv!). I know somehow, I owe it to you guys. I haven’t even read a book. This colossal blog negligence is due to some things I had to do that needed my undivided attention, plus, I got sick. 😒 no, it’s not MG related, and right now I am feeling so much better. 

So what can you expect from me for the month of April? More escapades, that’s for sure. I’ve got some lined up places that I’m gonna visit with some friends, and I am really looking forward to share my new experiences with you. Plus, I have this new short story coming up, together with those written by renowned Filipino authors, so watch out for it. 

So, I just drained my coffee cup, so that means, it’s time to work! 

Hasta luego! 


Beth G. ❤


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