Mula Sa Buwan: Another Story of Selfless But Unrequited Love

Mula Sa Buwan is the first musical I saw for this year, and it broke my heart. Not in the way that I regret watching it – but the tragedy of this painfully beautiful masterpiece seeped through my core I wanted to see it over and over. 

What Is It About? 

So yes, just like what everybody else is thinking, Mula Sa Buwan is a story about love. Cyrano, an ROTC officer had been in love with Roxane since they were kids, and despite all the inner qualities he had that every girl would definitely chase after, he never had the courage to tell her about it, simply because he didn’t have a pretty face (he had a nose a la Pinocchio). Then a new cadet officer came into town, Christian, with whom Roxane had fallen in love with. He wasn’t as smart as Cyrano though, and so Cyrano helped him to win over Roxane’s heart through his romantic poems and songs. 

The war came and went, and despite the tragedy brought about by its deadly chaos, Cyrano’s devotion for Roxane continued – he watched her and maybe even took care of her while she was in love with another man, crying over a great loss, grieving and refusing to move on. All of these while he silently gave her his whole heart. 

Cyrano’s selfless but unrequited love is just too heartbreaking to marvel. He chose to love Roxane in silence, believing that it was all for the best, while still watching over her. Great love indeed, and it made me wonder what could have happened had Cyrano confessed his love instead. Would it still have a different ending? But then, I wouldn’t really want another ending for this. The story is just perfect the way it is – something that broke my heart and made me cry (it wasn’t just me who cried). Like I said, walang kasing sakit. Pero sa lahat ng masakit, ito ang mamatamisin ko ng paulit-ulit. 

There’s no other word I could think of to describe the feels this musical has brought me. It made me appreciate the Filipino language even more so. The words were graciously used and played, which gave a more intense impact to the dialogues. Add the fact that the performers were too brilliant, especially Nicco Manalo whose stage presence was powerful than ever. And the songs…the songs stuck with me, especially Ikaw and Tinig sa Dilim. 

Mula Sa Buwan shows concluded yesterday. If by any chance they decided to play it again, I’d definitely watch it over and over. 

Spread the loooove! 


Beth G. ❤


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