Zoomanity Group Tour Part 2: Residence Inn

Right, so as I have said, here’s the second half of my Tagaytay escape. After we explored the wonder that the Paradizoo Theme Farm has to offer, we took a mere 15-minute drive to visit the Residence Inn, another park that’s owned by the Zoomanity Group. 

This is a baby tiger. They say it’s more dangerous compared to the full grown, since full growns are more trained. Don’t worry about that man inside the fence, though. The baby tiger (well, it doesn’t look like a cub) is chained.

Residence Inn is your typical zoo, with a variety of caged animals, both domestic and wild. Although there were no elephants and giraffes, the exact animals I was expecting to see, there were lots of attractions that this zoo has to offer. There are fun activities that you could try, so your entire-day visit surely’s gonna be an awesome one. 

Here are some of the things you can expect to enjoy at Residence Inn.

1. Different kinds of animals. Lots of creatures from the Kingdom Animalia can be seen, from fish to reptiles, amphibians, domestic mammals and the ones that are supposed to be in the wild – lions, tigers and even different kinds of snakes. 

Solo picture of the baby tiger.
Philippine crocs.

A sad looking little monkey.
And another one who seemed to enjoy candid shots.
The camel and the sheep that never allowed me to take selfies with them.

2. Zipline and cable cars. It is said that the zipline in Residence Inn is deemed the highest, though I’m not sure if it’s the highest among all the parks owned by the Zoomanity Group, the highest among all that’s near Manila, or the highest of them all. Either way, this experience is a must-try, since you would be able to see the greens that Tagaytay has to offer. 

For Php150, you’d be able to fly.
I was about to try the zipline, but I thought better. I didn’t know what’s in store for me up there, and since I have medical condition (MG sucks!), I did cable car instead. Still, it was fun!

3. The shows. There’s an afternoon show wherein some animals are gonna have a meet and greet with the audience. Well, I just made up the meet and greet part. And why meet and greet, you may ask? It’s because the audience are gonna be given the chance to touch, hold and cuddle with them (yes, literally!). Then, since it’s February and therefore the month of love, they conducted a show by the evening called The Red Show, which featured a magic show, a romantic interpretative dance and some dance numbers that involved some lights. 

So, I am the second girl in black. We were “volunteered” to “meet” the next and the last animal of the day. But it was a snake – a big, fat one much like Voldemort’s Nagini! Did I hold it, or even touch it? No, I ran for dear life! I may not be a sport for doing so, but, the slimy look and feel of that symbolic animal creeps me out.
This is the magic show. It’s my first time to witness that famous cut-the girl-inside-the-box trick in real life and I was in awe.
This is the dancing robot. I managed to capture a video of this performance, so you may want to check out my YouTube channel later @bethgstories.
The giant flower.

4. The food. Of course, rendezvous would never be complete without having something good to eat. There are some stalls that serve shakes, popcorns and other famous Filipino streetfoods. Then there’s the Gazebo Restaurant, where the pancit bihon is just superb. An of course, the Tagaytay trip highlight, bulalo! 

This is where you’re supposed to eat bulalo.

5. The 1000 Lights. It’s basically the brightly lit lights in the entire vicinity, covering every staircase. The stairs, which consisted of at least a hundred and fifty steps looked magical with the blue-and-white lights. They also covered the restaurant’s ceiling, and with the cool breeze of Tagaytay and the Taal lake that’s almost beside you, it’ll make you feel like you’re dining under the stars. 

Yes, it really made me feel like I was dining under a thousand stars.

So if you are after a weekend of fun and excitement away from the bustling streets of the metro, Residence Inn is one sweet escape. 

Where did you spend your last out of town escape? Tell me about it in the comments section below. 

Spread the looove! 


Beth G. ❤


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