Manila Improv Festival is Happening and You Should Come

Last night was a Wednesday night, and I decided come out of my KDrama marathoning to experience a new thing. I had no idea what Manila Improv is all about when I received the invite to their press launch. So when I get to the PETA Theater Center where the press launch was going to be held, I am so glad that I decided to come. 

Improv or improvisational theater is a form of theater where most or all of what is performed is being created the moment it is performed (Google). Everything is being done impromptu – so that means there are no scripts to follow. It’s like a free flowing performance, and what’s more exciting about it is that the audience get to participate in the performance. During the press launch, we were given the taste of what improv looks like, and I was totally sold by what I saw. 

The ABC with the Audience

So, the host asked the audience about something of a particular category from A-Z. Th category? Something fun to play with. And when we’re done giving out words (which included grandma, boyfriend, ice cream, etc.), the group performed an impromptu song that contained basically all the words that was provided by the audience. 

There a video I took for this performance and you can watch out for it on my YouTube channel at

Spelling Bee

Have you tried joining Spelling Bee when you were in school and asked to spell hifalutin, biochromosome, Czechoslovakia and more? It’s basically the same thing. The only difference is that the performers also have to provide a sentence, one word per person, and the word should start with the letters of the spelled word. What’s more, the performers also did a mini-drama skit where their dialogues also started with the letters of the spelled word. Cool, right? 

Again, the video can be checked out on my Youtube channel

One-Word Story

This is by far my most favorite (most because I like all of them!). There’s a board where anyone provides a word until a story is made. The writer in me got too fascinated I almost didn’t want to leave that corner! 

It was a story about Vita, the controversial seagull whiskers, and unicorns.

The Beauty Contest

What’s more popular impromptu event than the beauty contest? You just have no idea what’s coming, what kind of questions are gonna be thrown at you, and even the wardrobe malfunction is unpredictable. I’m not sure this is the reason why the performers did this, but whatever the reason is, I found it super entertaining. 

The mandatory groufie with the performers. Photo © of Kim Derla at

Manila Improv Festival is going to happen on March 22-26 at the PETA Theater Center. Tickets are available by contacting 0917-7167357. 

Spread the looove! 


Beth G. ❤


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