#BitterXSweet: Another #romanceclass Weekend of Feels

I know this post is more than 48 hours overdue, but I just had to allow myself the time to get over the feels. My pre-Valentine weekend has been filled with feels as the #romanceclass people once again held an event called #BitterXSweet. It was supposed to be a lecture on how to write a romance novel by our fairy godmother of books, Ms. Mina V. Esguerra (well, there was a lecture, but…), and it turned out to be something much more than that. 

These babies were available (and still available). Have you spotted my book?

How To Write a Romance Novel

I should say I’ve heard this many times before, as I have already attended several workshops about that (and not to mention I write romance novels too!). But this version is more unforgettable than the rest. I mean, are you really gonna remember the online lecture more than the one that’s being live read by hunks and darlings? 

Yes. They were the ones who practically gave the lecture. Hahaha

Yes. The lecture was made by Ms. Mina, but it was read by these adorable people who simply became a major reason why I am always ecstatic whenever there’s a #romanceclass event. 

The Games

I’ll always be thankful to Tara Frejas for always coming up with something that we, authors/event participants would enjoy while we wait for kilig-fest portion (live readings). This time, she conducted the Bingo game and the Book Blind Date, where I picked no other than Shinta, of course! 

While filling the Bingo card. Errr…
We picked our book blind dates.
Mine’s Shinta!

The Live Readings

Of course, when you say #romanceclass event, that automatically equates to live reading (well at least for me!). I’ve come to expect that the afternoons with the authors won’t be totally complete without Gio, Jeff, Rachel (I don’t have a picture with her, huhu), Gab and the rest of the gang (Migs and Vania), bringing the seemingly disembodied hunks and babes on the printed words come alive. There were six books that were live read, including Songs of Our Break Up by Jay E. Tria, where I first met my book boyfriend, Shinta!

With Jeff.
Ah, dignity all forgotten for the sake of a request from a friend.
Now, this one’s cute. With Migs Almendras.

Some books that were live read.

The Blessing of Friendship and Meeting Lots of Old and New Faces

Whenever I attend events like this, I make sure to make a new friend (or more), someone that I would be able to keep in touch with. I was not able to make some new friends this time (it appears that I’ve met most of them in the previous events), but I’m glad that I was able to drag a friend from another circle. It was more fun when she said she really enjoyed the event, and asked me when’s the next #romanceclass event. Yay!

With the author of The Beginner’s Guide and Bye Bye Bouquet, Six Delos Reyes and Chi-Yu Rodriguez

We drowned in feels.
With Six and the creator of Shinta my book boyfriend, Jay E. Tria.
With the author of Dare to Love, C.P. Santi.
And with our fairy book mother, Ms. Mina V. Esguerra.

The Opportunities That Are Seldom Labeled
And yes, I also get to sign books. My books. Something I’m not sure if I would ever get used to. 

#BitterXSweet and How to Write a Romance Novel happened last Saturday, February 11 at the Ayala Museum. If you want to know more about the upcoming events I’ll attend, follow me on my social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) @bethgstories.

Spread the looove!


Beth G. ❤


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