Yeongyang Hansik To Satisfy Your Korean Food Cravings

Annyeong haseyo! 😂 It’s been a while since I’ve posted something about food, and so I am very much excited to share with you guys my latest food adventure. And this time, it’s something that has recently become close to my heart – Korean food! 

Yeongyang Hansik is a newly opened restaurant offering Korean cuisine. I know there are lots of Korean restaurants all over the metro, and all of them must be offering good Korean food. But let me tell you why you should try this little Korean haven. 

1. The Food. Korean cuisine has been deemed as one of the healthiest food out there. Now, you may not be fond of spicy food, but kimchi is not the only Korean food there is!

This is the samgyetang (rice-stuffed chicken). It has five kinds of Korean ginseng that’s good for our health. Highly recommended for those who are sick, who need some protein boost and also to those who want to experience authentic Korean cuisine.
This refreshing drink is called cucumoringa (cucumber + moringa). Unlike any other drinks which contain sucrose, cucumoringa uses blended pear (fructose) for sweetener. A healthy kind of sweetness, right?

2. The Budget. On the average, Korean buffet would cost you Php600 or more, depending on what kind of food you want to include in your menu. Though it’s not buffet, Yeongyang Hansik offers Korean food from starting from just Php79. 

This pork lechon bibimbap is already a fusion, but proves to be one of the best sellers. For just Php149, you have veggies, rice, meat and egg in a Korean clay bowl. How cool is that?

3. The People. It’s too seldom for customers to be able to speak with the actual owners of the restaurant, but I’ve had the pleasure of talking to Mr. Kim Roland and Mr. Richard Yu, the men behind this Korean food haven. So I asked them the, I think, the most important question I could think of. Why Korean food? Well, this is of course, apart from the fact that their names clearly have Oriental heritage. 

Mr. Kim said he and his wife are not getting any younger, and his children are becoming more conscious about their health. What’s more fitting than eating Korean food? You don’t have to starve yourself because no matter how great the servings are, the food is just too healthy. 
Mr. Richard Yu, a young Chinese businessman declares he’s fond of Korean food because it’s very healthy. “I eat a serving of samgyetang before and after I go to the gym,” he says.

At least we now know that the people who work behind this actually believes in what they do. They sell healthy food at an affordable price because it’s what they need, as well. 

Yeongyang Hansik is located at Madison Commons Food Park in Kapitolyo, Pasig, near Water Ace Spa. 

Haven’t decided on where to go for your next Korean food trip? Now yiu have an idea. 

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Beth G. ❤


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