Life Lessons that Legend of the Blue Sea Taught Us

Legend of the Blue Sea’s final episode was already aired a few days ago, yet my Facebook feed is still packed with stillshots of this legendary Kdrama. I am originally a Do Min Joon – Cheon Song Yi fan (Kim Soo Hyun is ❤), but then I figured the Heo Joon Jae – Shim Cheong Yi tandem is also quite adorable. Besides, I could no longer deny that Lee Min Ho is actually one, handsome oppa. 🙂

So, after giving myself sometime to accept the fact that the Kdrama I’ve been looking forward to every weekend has finally ended, now I am ready to share with you guys some life lessons Legend of the Blue Sea taught us. 

There’s more to people’s history, so never judge. Heo Joon Jae is a con artist – we all know that. Diving deeper into the story would tell us why he became a con artist in the first place. Though he does something bad for a living (and it actually allowed him and his friends to live a luxurious life), his compassion towards other people, especially Cheong Yi was quite remarkable. 

Friendship is more than just about age, social and economic status. Joon Jae could hardly classify Shim Cheong Yi’s friends – a street woman (she refuses to be called a beggar) and an elementary schooler. All three of them are obviously and significantly coming from different walks of life, but they remarkably understood each other. That’s saying something. 

All bad deeds come to an end. Worse, life may claim more from you than what you have acquired. Although her history was also revealed, it wasn’t enough to justify her greed and betrayal. All the cold-blooded murder she committed and all the heineous crimes she got involved in were unveiled and she was put in her rightful place. And the worse part of her punishment? Her son’s life was claimed. 

You might not know who you’re dealing with, so always be nice to people. Shi-ah was the sweetest when it came to Joon Jae, the man that she secretly loved from when they first met in college. But then she was the meanest when it came to their house maid. Who’s to say that the ajhumma is Joon Jae’s long-lost mom?!

Love comes in the most unexpected places with the most unexpected people. Who’s going to say that Tae Oh’s pretense would actually come real? 

And of course, love does not judge. The heart should not choose what kind of person it’s supposed to love. It just beats. Even for just a literal half-human… err, mermaid! 

So, have you already listed down the things you love about the Legend of the Blue Sea? The soundtrack? I sure love two songs from the drama. What about The Ten Times LOTBS Made Us Feel Kilig, perhaps? Oh, how about this kiss right here? 😍

Let’s talk about it in the comments section! 😍😄

Spread the loooove! 


Beth G. ❤


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