​Preparing for the Future: Sun Life’s 2017 Market Outlook Remains Positive

I bet all of us have plans for the future. You may have many different ways in your mind on how to do this, but have you considered investing in the stock market? I know this can sound a bit tricky, and I tell you, I am also very new to this. But Sun Life seminars have enlightened me, and it appears that messing around with the market could be fun and genuinely profitable. Especially when the Sun Life’s chief investments officer assures us that the market outlook for this year remains positive.

Mr. Michael Enriquez, Sun Life’s chief investing officer identified different factors that contribute to the company’s positive market outlook in 2017. Let me narrow them down to the, I think, the three most basic factors. 

But of course, recent events in the Philippine government have somehow affected the market. All of us, especially those who are earning in U.S. dollars felt the remarkable drop of the value of the Philippine peso. The weakening of our currency against the U.S. dollars, along with the drop of the PSEI (Philippine Stock Exchange Index) is quite alarming. This could be a reason for most of us not to engage ourselves with the stock market anymore, right?

Although, if we come to think of it, this is actually the best time for us to invest as much as we could.

Investing in Mutual Funds

Do not know where to begin? Don’t worry, I was as lost as you are. So I did my homework and asked my friends who are engaged in the stock market for quite some time now. As I did my research, mutual funds is one of the good ways to start investing.

Why start with a Mutual Fund?

There were lots of advantages in engaging ourselves in mutual funds, but only one thing appealed to me. This is according to my friend who’s been in stock market since I don’t know when. Duffy is also blogging about finance and investments and you can check out his blog right here

There’s a fund manager that takes care of your funds so it’s less hassle. That way, you can work on other important things as an investor. 

This appealed to me simply because I like the idea that someone else is working for me. 

Sun Life Prosperity Funds

If you’re thinking of engaging yourself in mutual funds, there’s the Sun Life Prosperity Funds which offers a lot of advantages, which is beneficial to those who are just starting to invest. Kind of like us. Some of the best features of this product include:

Affordability. For only Php5000, you can already start investing and plan for your future. 

Flexibility. Risk appetite tends to change over time and should you feel like changing where your funds are placed, you can do so accordingly up to four times in a year at no charge!

Liquidity. Sun Life offers the option to redeem fund shares any time on a business day at the current fund value.

Global Expertise. Sun Life Asset Management Company, the fund manager and distributor of the Sun Life Prosperity Funds is a member of the Sun Life Financial Group of Companies operating in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, India, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Find out more about it by clicking the link below. 

Let’s start planning and saving up for the future with Sun Life. 


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