What I Have Learned From Watching Too Much KDrama

I know one of these days I am going to write about this, so might as well I do it now. People have been asking me what keeps me busy these days. I usually give them vague responses, but when I choose to give a precise answer, I tell them, “Kdrama marathon.”

“Ano namang napapala mo sa panonood ng KDrama?” (What could you possibly gain from watching Kdrama?) 

My Kdrama addiction started after I marathoned The Descendants of the Sun  although I won’t deny that the first I’ve seen was Endless Love (Autumn in My Heart) and Kim Soo Hyun (My Love From the Star) was my first Kdrama oppa. Right now, as I wait for The Legend of the Blue Sea’s final episode, allow me to enumerate just a few of the many things I’ve gained from watching Kdrama

It taught me lots of values. Not that I don’t have values at all 😂, but there are things that we would only realize the moment it’s being portrayed in front of us. I’ve seen the “what goes around comes around” principle countless of times in the Kdramas I’ve watched. Alien Do Min Joon of My Love from the Star helped Atty. Jang when he was in dire need, and in return, he became Do Min Joon’s most trusted acquaintance. Captain Yoo spared the life of that North Korean soldier when they had an encounter, and in return, that soldier saved his life when he was held captive. 

It encouraged me to commit to skincare. I am not the vainest woman out there. Believe me, my so-called “beauty kit” only contained facial wash and moisturizer, and I only use them at night. And this is also despite my acne prone skin. But that was during my pre-Kdrama addiction era. Kdrama heavily influenced me to commit to skincare. Now I have cleanser, toner, moisturizer, exfoliator and sheet masks.  I shall blog about this very soon, too. 

I know it’s not to late for me to commit to skin care. Look at ajhumma. 😂

It made me want to eat healthier food and practice healthier living. There are lots of dining scenes in Kdramas, and for the most part, I see them eat healthy food. They drink lots of water. Those who play the role of celebrities avoid salty food since it makes their face look swollen (I’ve proven this to be true, especially because I take Prednisone). I have taken a liking in bibimbap, which has more veggies, and of course, kimchi. But how can I say no to bingsu, though? 

Now I drink more than 8 glasses of water a day because of him. 😍

It provided me with more inspiration in my writing. Of course, since Kdramas are mostly romance, and with the superb ink of the Kdrama writers, lots of ideas are coming into my head for my next novel. Just snippets, though, so we could avoid plagiarism. 

Tell me who’s not going to get inspired by this.

It chased away my boredom. And the fun side – of course, I marathon to relax. It has also become my escape from the stressful life and negative people. I’m not anti-social, don’t get me wrong. But I sincerely believe watching Kdramas is just better that to party on a Friday night.

Sometimes, I really want to send this picture to my crush.

Talk to me about the latest craze you have, put it in the comments section. Meanwhile, I am going to start marathoning another KDrama. 😂


Beth G. ❤


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