Career Crossover by Venchito Tampon Jr.: A Book for Those Who Wants a Career Start Over

There are lots of reasons why most people, especially the young urban professionals are thinking of quitting their jobs and maybe shifting to a different career. I, myself, have experienced this. I used to work in the BPO industry, and though I excelled and even learned to love my job in the end , the thought of working in the corporate world never left my head.

You might be experiencing this right now – considering your options and weighing your choices. But then you’re pretty much unsure if your decision would sustain both your needs and personal fulfillment. If that’s the case, then Venchito Tampon Jr.’s book, Career Crossover is something that might help you decide if you’re on the right path of shifting gears. 

The book won’t give you a direct advice on what to do. Career Crossover would guide you by allowing you to answer the simple but right questions it contains. Basically, it lets you decide for yourself, and kind of like assessing yourself if career shift is what you really need, or you just need to enhance yourself and maybe grow up a little. The book would also inform you that shifting careers is not that simple – it could be as challenging as it is!

Career Crossover is available through this link, and you cam find out more about the author, Venchito Tampon Jr. by visiting hiz website at 

Are you also thinking about shifting careers? Tell me about it. 


Beth G. 💜


2 thoughts on “Career Crossover by Venchito Tampon Jr.: A Book for Those Who Wants a Career Start Over

  1. Sounds like a book I might need to read. Currently looking at going back to work and it’s hard to decide what to do.
    On another note, the poor author has an unfortunate last name. I have to admit that’s why I initially clicked on your review. I just had to comment on it.


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