How’s Health Among the Filipinos: Sun Life Finds Out

Today, let’s talk about health. Having an autoimmune condition has made me interested in any stuff related to health and wellness. That’s why when I read about Sun Life’s press conference about their latest product which took place yesterday, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. Luckily I got invited. There were lots of learning and the things I’ve heard from the said conference made me reconsider my not-so-active lifestyle.

The Sun Life Media Briefing and Press Conference was held on January 19, 2017 at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel
Of course, I have to have coffee in front of me.

Are Filipinos Healthy?

Sun Life has conducted a research to find out about the health index in Asia. This is interesting because to be honest, I haven’t thought of health in this perspective. Let me share with you guys how this research turned out, focusing on the Filipino respondents. There are 500 of them, coming from Manila, Davao and Cebu, ages 25-60 years old. 

Based on the research, most Filipinos believe that they are emotionally and mentally healthy. I think this is because we are known to be optimistic about everything – even about our health. Many people want to engage themselves in healthier and more active lifestyle. It’s just that there are some things that hinder this desire to live healthy.

Lack of time. This is justifiable based on my experience. I used to work in BPO and the graveyard shift just makes you want to sleep instead of hitting the gym. 9-5 people have to endure the monstrous traffic to and from work which take up a lot of time, and maybe it’s the reason why it’s more fun to be in bed than in the thread mill. 

Lack of personal motivation. Motivation is just as important as self-discipline. If the reasons for you to go to the gym is not good enough, then staying home and watch TV might better. How about trying to fit in that gorgeous bikini for the summer? 

Distractions of modern life. Isn’t it cozier to just scroll down the Facebook time line instead of doing zumba moves? Besides, you have to post a picture of that mouth-watering cake in Instagram. Who’s gonna eat that cake, anyway?

Costs. Gym membership fee is quite a fortune for some. Add the fact that you have to buy workout shoes, clothes, bag and all the stuff you need – ANG MAHAL!

Lack of accessible venue. In my neighborhood, there’s just one existing gym, although it stopped its operation because I think no one goes there anymore. 

This is why Sun Life concluded that this generation is indeed, Generation O. 

Generation O

Overworked. Most people these days spend more time at work than at home. It’s not always clear if they love their job, or they need money or both. Though it’s definitely not healthy in a lot of sense – personal, physical, social and even emotional. 

Overweight. This is what happens when people are too much consumed by the mentioned factors.

Overwhelmed. strictly in a lot of sense too, most people these days are overwhelmed. 

The Solution

Of course, after finding out these things, Sun Life has come up with brilliant solutions. These are to address and remove the barriers that keep people from living healthy. This is where Sun Fit and Well and the GoWell Wellness Program come in. 

The Sun Life CEOs

Sun Fit and Well is a new generation wellness product that offers comprehensive life and health protection from childhood all the way to the golden years. While most products offer benefits only when an illness strikes, SUN Fit and Well covers your needs from prevention, to diagnosis, to treatment and all the way to rehabilitation.

GoWell is Sun Lifes wellness program where members can enjoy special privileges that will help them keep mind and body fit. This includes easy access to health and wellness information, fitness and wellness events, nutrition and health experts and more. 

Finally, there’s no more excuse for us not to hit the gym anymore. I am not sure if I could, since I have an existing condition. Although, it’s really nice to live healthy, be fit and totally fabulous. 
Do you have an active lifestyle? Tell me about it. 


Beth G. ❤


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