Sakaling Hindi Makarating: Block Screening and Press Conference

I’ve always had a high appreciation for indie films, and it couldn’t be denied that the fact that the recently concluded Metro Manila Film Festival further heightened this appreciation. This is why I was way too overwhelmed when I received an invitation to join the block screening and press conference of the casts and crew of the indie film, Sakaling Hindi Makarating. 

Sakaling Hindi Makarating
is a multi-awarded film that acquired 7 out of 10 awards in the CineFilipino Film Festival 2016, including Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, second Best Picture, Best Editing, Best Sound and Best Music. Directed by the magnificent Ice Idanan, Sakaling Hindi Makarating is a story of a girl who travelled across the country in search of an anonymous postcard sender. The plot paved the way to showcase the different beautiful places in the Philippines, including Zamboanga, Siquijor, Marinduque, Pagudpod and Batanes. The main characters are played by Alessandra de Rossi, an internationally acclaimed actress, JC Santos who played the role of Ali in that primetime TV program, ‘Till I Met You, and Pepe Herrera, who played the role of Benny in Ang Probinsyano. Both actors are also best known in their theatrical performances. My full review of the movie could be seen on the next post. 😀

After the block screening, the press conference was held, wherein the press people were given the chance to ask the cast and crew  about their experiences while they were working on the film.

This intimate press conference was held at Sugar Ray’s Sports Pub and Restaurant

The process of writing the story:

The movie took five years to make. The director wrote the story when she was heartbroken – she had an 8-year relationship that ended abruptly. (The feels 😒)

The difficulties…

Alex: I had to learn how to ride motorcycle for this film. Also, the travel, but it was fun!

JC Santos also admitted that he was almost got replaced.

On Cielo being played by Alex…

Director Ice: I’ve already worked with Alex, and I like the way she works and her work ethics. I was also looking for someone who showcases Filipina beauty. 

Pepe Hererra on the difference between acting in the theater and in front of the camera…

“Theater is an experience.”

When they were asked if the preferred letters than text messages…

Pepe: Letters.

JC: Letters.

Alex: Effort!

When Alex was asked about her lovelife…

Busy ako! 😂

Some postcards included in the press kit.
The mandatory photo with JC the hottie. 😂
And with the people to be thankful for – Hazel, who sent me the invitation and Josh who was super awesome! Thank you.

Sakaling Hindi Makarating will be shown in cinemas nationwide starting February 1. Make sure to catch it!

Spread the looooove!


Beth G. ❤


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