On the Big Screen: Sakaling Hindi Makarating

So yesterday was another movie day. Although it was a bit unexpected and quite another solitary adventure, I was more than satisfied. I’ve seen the trailer of Sakaling Hindi Makarating on Facebook, and as soon as I did, I know that it would be something that’s worth every penny from my damn pocket. Luckily, I didn’t have to pay anything, plus, I didn’t have to wait for it’s official release in cinemas. Yay!

What’s the Movie All About?

Cielo was wounded by the fall of her 11-year relationship with Mark, now her ex-fiance. As she tries to deal with her broken heart, she starts to receive handmade postcards from a mysterious sender. Her next door neighbor, Paul, tries to help her in discovering who “M” was, with that initial and the pictures in the postcards as their only clues. Cielo then sets out to visit the places pictured on the postcards, allowing her to discover the process of acceptance and the art of letting go. 

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What I Think About It

The amazing concept of going old school in exchanging letters is what made me want to watch this film in the first place. The Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp abuse is all too much these days that receiving a letter in the mail is such a refreshing and welcoming change. Add the fact that they are not just letters – they are handmade postcards bearing poetic messages. Could there be anything sweeter than that? 

The postcards.

Travelling can heal broken hearts – at least according to the many people in the social media these days. The film, which showcased some of the most beautiful places in the Philippines made me want to grab my backpack and just set out the way Cielo did. Zamboanga is seldom featured as a tourist destination, but the movie effectively demonstrated that it could be the “place to be” for the travel enthusiasts out there. I sincerely believe that the Department of Tourism owes some thank yous to this film. 😄

Zamboanga stillshot.
The vintas of Zamboanga.
Pagudpod stillshot.
Batanes stillshot.

At first, I couldn’t decide if the title of the movie, Sakaling Hindi Makarating refers to Cielo’s travels or the travel of the letters. It was made clear in the end though. The actors also did magnificently well – Alex was able to deliver Cielo’s brokenness from her break-up and her frustration towards finding who the postcard sender was. It wasn’t overdone, nor it was lacking. She did it just right. Paul, on the other hand, was just the right amount of a supportive friend, who knew when to stop when things are not really going anywhere. And Manuel, the typical town boy who fell in love with the stranger and town visitor, Cielo couldn’t be any cuter. 

Though it was well written, the movie also left me with some things to wonder about. How did Paul’s letters (now he truly sounds like the disciple, hahaha!) reach Cielo while she was travelling? I have no idea about how posts work as regards to that (except maybe for owls), but maybe there is a workaround for it. And how did Cielo know where to go next?  

And the ending? Oh, it has a surprise that you wouldn’t think of. And if you are wondering if Cielo finally meets her mysterious letter sender, well, she did. In the end. 

Sakaling Hindi Makarating is a story that teaches us to discover the unknown by being brave enough to explore the world. And no matter how intense the pain that life may bring, it’s wonder is endless that we just have to come out of our own little worlds and see the bigger world outside. 

The film will officially be in cinemas on February 1, starring Alessandra de Rossi, Pepe Herrera, JC Santos and many others, directed by Ice Idanan. If you love travelling, you’d surely appreciate this film. Or even if you are just a casual movie goer.

What’s the last indi film you saw? Tell me about it. 


Beth G. ❤


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