The Battle of the Face Masks: Wash Off Masks vs. Sheet Masks

Hello guys! If you have been following me on Instagram, (it’s @bethgstories if you still haven’t), you must have seen my latest craze. Yep, face masks. I have been obsessing with skincare these days, and I suspect it’s because it’s 2017, a new year and another year is gonna be added to my age and therefore I realized that I really should start taking care of my skin. And of course, let’s not talk about my KDrama addiction which prompts me to imitate pretty much everything they do on screen, including the things like skincare routine.

Face masks are said to be a staple when it comes to Korean skincare. I should say that Asians have earned the reputation of being too meticulous when it comes to it, as it could be traced in our history (more of this on the future post, I promise! :D). And so I willingly bought some over the holidays, and decided to see for myself if they really do their job of providing a better looking skin.

Since I am a beginner, I decided to try both the wash-off mask and the sheet mask, to see which one is better. So, after performing my usual cleansing routine, I jumped off to using the masks.

Wash-Off Masks

I got this Ovale Facial Mask from a local supermarket. The reason I picked this up is because the tomato got me excited, as the elders in my household believed that tomatoes contribute to clearer skin. (Trivia: When I was four or five, I used to steal tomatoes fron the kitchen when my mom cooks and they suspect that’s the reason why I am makinis 😂 dunno it’s true, so.) This face mask is an Indonesian brand, by the way, I could hardly see any reviews on the internet that I could understand (there’s nothing in English, at least), that would testify if it really works. Anyway, I figured I just had to use the product at my own risk.

Sheet Masks

For the sheet masks, I got the Wedo Shop’s Peach Blossom Tendering and Beautifying Mask and the 365 Daily Mask from Watson’s Beauty Buffet. I figured there’s no need to go for the more expensive type, since I am trying them out for the first time.

The Results

After using both types of masks, these are the things I found out about them.

So, Which is Better?

This is pretty much subjective, because of course, you get to choose the product that suits your needs. But after using them, I am far more into the results and convenience. Sheet masks felt so good on my skin, and afterwards, my skin looked brighter and it also felt more supple. Plus, they didn’t require me to go back and forth to the sink and wash off. This is best when you do not have all the time in the world, you’re too busy, travelling or just plain lazy! Thus, sheet masks rule for me.

Although, there are also some wash off masks that you might need, say to exfoliate and also to remove dead skin cells. I’ve been exploring on this as well, so be sure to stay tuned here since I might share with you guys what I’ve found out.

What is your favorite skincare product? Tell me about it in the comments section.


Beth G. ❀


8 thoughts on “The Battle of the Face Masks: Wash Off Masks vs. Sheet Masks

  1. I love both the wash off kind and the masks! If I had to pick though, I definitely have better results with the sheets. Have you tried peel-off masks, though? It might be that “in-betweener” you really end up liking!

    I do really like Shill’s Black Mask for really getting my pores cleared out.


      1. Yes! Shill’s is great! It is a little difficult to spread around, and it’s easier to peel if you put it on thick. I also recommend peeling it upwards, starting from the bottom. It doesn’t hurt to peel off either, just be careful how close you spread it near your eye area. I didn’t get as dramatic results as some people. It’s a hot product right now because of photos and videos going around and showing that it pulls out impurities, and then you can see them on the mask.

        My husband and my mother tried it though, and they actually did have some stuff clinging to the mask- so it might depend on your skincare regiment? I just didn’t see anything really show up on mine.

        Anyways, it always leaves my face feeling so great and minimizes my huge pores on my nose! The small bottle goes a long way. I’ve used it about seven times, and then the two other times for my hubby and mother!

        Lots of places online sell it, but I bought mine from M&M Savings:

        They had it to me in like 3 days, and that was around Christmas time! Let me know if you end up trying it!! Also, anytime you find some cool face masks or some other products, feel free to let me know!! I love masks!! ❀ ❀


      2. Wow! Sounds awesome. I think I really have to try this one. πŸ˜€ it’s rather satisfying to see some stuff peeling off your face, no matter how gross it is. Haha thanks for the recommendation. I’ll blog about it once I’v tried.

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