Book Review Guidelines

Hello there! Since I’ve been receiving email requests for book reviews (and they are surprisingly piling up, thanks to your massive trust), I figured it’s time for me to make some guidelines. This is just a simple reminder that even though I appear to be the type of person to read just anything that’s given to me, there are also some books that I refuse to read (I’m not into books about hydraulics or marine engineering so please understand 😄). Besides, I believe that in exchange of your trust in me to provide you with my most honest feedback, I should also be setting some expectations. So, if you’re an author and you want to give me a copy of your book in exchange of an honest review, please read the guidelines below. 

1. Genre. If your book is romance, legal suspense, YA lit or general fiction, that’s perfect. Science fiction might be fascinating, but I have a little patience in them, so I think I’d pass on that. Non-fiction books also are welcome, but we have to discuss on that further through email since I’m a bit picky with the non-fictions I read. And there are also some tropes that are disagreeable to my reading preferences like:

Inter-species. Aliens and humans are pretty much acceptable if it’s in the likes of Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi (My Love From The Star), or maybe Heo Joon Jae and Shim Cheong Yi (Legend of the Blue Sea, romance between a human and a mermaid). But I was once asked to review a book about a human who’s having a sexual affair with a domestic animal, and I don’t want to repeat the experience, ever. 

Historical fiction. I love history, no doubt about that, but I just have a little patience with historical fiction.

Abuse content is too graphic. I’ve heard about the movies Saw, Hostel and Human Centipede and I never had the desire of seeing them. Same with books. This also includes too detailed rape scene and murder. Please be informed that I read for pleasure.

Smut levels. This applies for romance books. I don’t mind the heat levels as long as it’s not too abusive.

2. Deadline. Please understand that reading books and reviewing them are not the only things I do in life. I might not be able to comply if you have a target deadline. Since there are also books that I prefer to read, yours might have to wait. 

3. Format. I prefer ePub format over PDF file (but I won’t say no to a hard copy 😂). But if PDF file is all you have, then it’s okay. 

4. Kindle Books. If you’d like me to purchase your book from Amazon, I can do that as long as you cover the fee (or your book there is free). Please email me for further details regarding Kindle books. 

5. Reviews and Ratings. As a book blogger, I always provide honest feedback. I believe I owe that to my readers. So regardless if I loved your book, or I think your book sucks in so many levels, I’d still provide the review. But I don’t do harsh comments, and you know that if you’ve read my reviews. 

Now, if you have read the guidelines and still think you trust me enough to tell you if your book is awesome or not, shoot me an email at or simply click here. I will also be putting this up in one of the pages above for future references. 
If you are seeking to get a product review, you can still email me and we can definitely discuss it. 



Beth G. ❤


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