Spending the Holidays Through Watching Visual Media

Happy holidays everyone! It’s been a long vacay and I’m sure everyone is finding a way on how to maximize this God-given chance to chillax. I’ve been doing the same, well, I’m glad that I’ve found a way to spend my idle moments. I saw a musical on Chrismas night with friends which was super awesome. Mr. Scrooge taught me lots of things.

A Christmas Carol, The Musical at the Bonifacio High Street

I also plan on watching all the entries of the Metro Manila Film Festival this year. They all seemed interesting, based on the reviews and the trailers anyway. Not that I have nothing against the usual movie entries on the previous years. It’s more of the fact that this year’s entries are something that I could relate to. 

MMFF 2016 Entries. © to the owner.

I am particularly interested in Saving Sally, Die Beautiful, Seklusyon and Kabisera.  I wanted to watch Saving Sally because of the animation and also the fact that it took 10 years for the movie to finish (that’s what I’ve read). Die Beautiful caught my attention because Paolo Ballesteros won best actor in the Tokyo International Film Festival. Seklusyon because I’ve read one comment saying “you have to be spiritually ready when you watch this film”, and finally, Kabisera because of the Superstar. 😂

Yesterday was my day 1 of marathoning, and I saw Saving Sally and Die Beautiful. My reviews can be read on my next posts. I really am hoping to see all of them, or at least the one I am interested in. 

How are you spending the holidays? Tell me about it. 


Beth G. ❤


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