On the Big Screen: Saving Sally (MMFF 2016)

First of all, I would like to salute to all the graphic artists out there (especially my brother) for the great talent you share to mankind. I swear you make the world a little bit better. 

So yesterday was MMFF 2016 movie marathon day, and so far, I’ve seen two. Saving Sally‘s one of them, which was something I’ve been eyeing since the announcement of the official MMFF entries. The animation caught my interest, and the fact that it took the film makers 10 years to finish it. The fact that I like Rhian Ramos also was a plus factor. 

Saving Sally (© to the owner)

The story of Saving Sally is just plain and simple – a friendship between a girl and a guy and the impossibility that they are really just friends because one of them is surely in love with the other. I’ve seen a lot of movies with the same storyline, but maybe the simplicity of it added to its appeal. 

The cinematography is quite amazing. I mean, I have no idea on how challenging, or easy a task it is to incorporate real life people in animation in a motion picture, but it’s quite impressive. The idea that I was able to dig deeper into Marty’s mind, about what he thinks of people around him also fascinated me, and it was all because of the superb animation. Speaking of animation, it left me in awe. It was too good that I couldn’t say anything more about it. 

98% of the movie is in English. This is certainly an advantage, because people from other countries get to watch it without the pain of reading the subtitles (I should know with all the Korean visual media I’ve been obsessing lately). It was also pretty good because the characters delivered their lines flawlessly, which is a requirement for me. 😂

I used to think that if they [people around me] don’t bother me, then they really weren’t my problem. 

Until I met Sally. 

Saving Sally is one of those feel-good movies you’d want to see if you’re tired of cheesy feel-good ones. It shows the reality of people who live the I-am-in-love-with-my-bestfriend-what-should-I-do life, and how challenging it is to watch that person be hurt. It also demonstrated the usual fear of “friendship over”, and the certain sacrifices we all do in the name od love. Oh no, I made it sound a really romantic film now, didn’t I? 

It’s two thumbs up for me, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. Run to the cinema near you and see for yourself. 


Beth G. ❤


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