If We Were Having Coffee, Vol. 13

Yes, it’s been four weeks since the last time you’ve heard from me. There were lots of things that needed my undivided attention and so my blogging had to come into a temporary halt. Funny how I finally find the time just two days before Christmas. But then I know I owe to this to the 200+ people who follow this blog. 

So, what am I up to these days? 

Apart from big freelancing projects that I needed to take care of in order to prepare for the holidays, there’s actually nothing much. I’ve visited new cafes and restaurants (the foodie in me never rests) with some new found friends, which I knew I should’ve blogged about but didn’t. I figured I’d just go back to those places, take some pictures and share them with you, guys. Then there are several books in my shelf that beg for my attention. Although, I’ve decided to save them all for 2017, in which I am planning to challenge myself to read a hundred books – the same challenge I unsuccessfully did in 2015. I am hoping that this time, I’d be able to make it (so help me God). My Korean drama obsession can’t be helped (it seems to be). Only last night I attempted to watch the live streaming of The Legend of the Blue Sea, so that means I saw it WITHOUT the English subtitles. What can I do? Lee Min Ho is just irresistibly charming! 

On Writing

As much as I wanted to hold another KDrama marathon while waiting for the LOTBS episodes, there’s another huge something I need to work and focus on. There’s another #romanceclass workshop I attended, so that means there’s another book by me that you’ve got to watch out for next year. But unlike the previous classes I’ve had, this one’s far more challenging. Why? Well, it requires smut level three, which I have never done in all my previous books. I did a lot of reflections, meditations, and I even prayed to God, if this is something that I’d be comfortable doing, and if this is the right time for me to “further” explore my talent in writing. Gladly, I came up with the ultimate realization and answer. There is only something that I could say to this. 

I do not have any idea yet on how to execute the smut levels in the book, well, I do have something in mind but it’s still vague. So far I’ve done as much as 2,000 words. I am looking forward to the days after Christmas when I could write a bit more. This is most probably my most controversial book, not only because of the smut levels, but because of what I’ve gone through when I wrote the blurb and the outline. But of course, that’s another story. 

I wish you guys all the best this Christmas (well, I am a Catholic), Hannukah, Newtonmas, or whatever holiday it is that you’re celebrating. 😂

‘Till my next post. 


Beth G. 


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