Book Report: Settle the Score and Hustle Play by Tara Frejas for The Emerald Pep Rally

First of all, I would like to admit that I am not really into sports – real life and otherwise. But I previously read The Forget You Brew and The Thing About Hug Replacements by the same author, Tara Frejas, and remembered the good feel associated with those books stayed with me. So, sports fanatic or not, I just knew that Settle the Score and Hustle Play are definitely a must read. 

A Bit of a Background

Garnet Figueroa, a women’s basketball varsity team member is in love with her friend, Charles, for the three years that they were friends. But Charlie is already in love with someone else – Nica, the cheating chic.Maybe Garnet didn’t really want to just watch her friend/dream prince charming be fooled in front of him. Or maybe, she could not contain her feelings for Charles anymore. So she made her move. Only, she’s not really sure if she’d win or lose him.


Like I said, I am not a sports fanatic. I really don’t understand sports terminologies, though I know what foul and rebound might actually mean. But though Settle the Score and Hustle Play  revolved around basketball and varsities and championships, I still enjoyed the story, simply because Tara Frejas’ stories of good-friends-turned-lovers bring this good feel of old school kilig that I don’t find in just about any book I read. I am not sure if it’s because Garnet and Charles are still in school, or maybe because of the clean, wholesome way it was written. Some scenes, like the practice and cheers kind of reminds me of those old R.L. Stine YA reads when the characters are in the cheering or basketball competition minus the horror part of course! 

Analogies of Love and Sports

The parts of the book that stayed with me the most are the analogies of love and sports and other things. I might sound odd in this, but I think the analogies made me understand sports quite a bit, rather than the other way around 😂. Charles’ ice cream analogy, and Chris’ rebound analogy can be considered gems of wisdom when it comes to figuring out if you’re just a  relationship rebound or there’s more to it than just that. 

Should You Read It? 

Definitely. I’ll repeat myself – I am not into sports but I enjoyed it. What more if you’re in the varsity team, or in the cheerleading squad? I’m pretty much sure you’d love it. 

Where to Buy?

Settle the Score and Hustle Play is available in Amazon for $1.99 or visit the author’s website at for print copies. 

What’s the last book you’ve read that involves sports? Tell me about it. 


Beth G. ❤


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