Book Report: Once Summer Days by Arlene Manocot

After the book hauling happened during the #FeelsFest, it’s time to check and talk about the books. Once Summer Days by Arlene Manocot is one of the new titles that was launched during the event, and it’s also on the list of books I was so excited about. And like I said, I got curious about it not only because of the seemingly distinct story, but also because of the names of the characters.

What Is It About? 

Hye Soon Go is a writer whose dream is just like any other writer’s – for her works to get published. But her sweet-clean romance seemed to not have a space in the writing industry, so she wrote erotica stories, under the pseudonym Tae Min Song. Thing is, Tae Min Song is an actual living person – a hotshot Hallyu star whose career is about to go downhill because of the controversies about writing erotica. As Tae Min Song finds out about her real identity, Hye Soon encounters something unexpected.

What I Think About It

For a moment, while reading this, I was tempted to write erotica and use the name of my beloved Hallyu star as my pseudonym… too bad I don’t have mastery in that craft (and yes, I think I need to have that). The thought of using a pseudonym of an actual living person, not to mention hotshot and famous is something quite distressing in my personal opinion. Anyway, Hye Soon seemed determined to shine in the world of writing, but then of course, that wasn’t her only reason of using Tae Min Song’s name. There were significant incidents in the past where the two were involved, and Hye Soon knew in her heart that maybe, the act would bring her and Tae Min together.

The Fantasy Side of the Story

Anime and Japanese manga are two things I believe to be cool but I didn’t have the energy to go beyond that initial curiousity. However, Once Summer Days contained some of these elements which made the book more interesting. It’s like real-life-slash-fantasia, something that is set in the real world and in also in the anime world. I sincerely believe that this would have been quite perfect of the author put more attention to that detail. But then again, maybe I just have to wait and see, ’cause maybe the author has something in store for me on that.

In Conclusion

To all the anime/manga/K-thingy fans out there… Once Summer Days is a romance book perfect for you. It’s a light read, short and sweet with more feels.

Grab your copy by contacto g the author at her Facebook page at

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Beth G. ❤


6 thoughts on “Book Report: Once Summer Days by Arlene Manocot

  1. Thanks Beth! Haha. Read your review, haha, sorry not sorry for distressing you. Love it! ❤️😘😘😘 We’ll wait and see~


  2. Interesting concept for a book but I’m a fan haha. I’m a big fan of K-dramas so this one might be right up my alley. I’ve actually never read anything K-drama/anime/manga related, so that would be a first. Cheers for the suggestion. Great blog too. You’ve got some cool stuff on here.

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