Books and Feels-Filled Day at the #FeelsFest

October is usually about scary costumes and candies and Halloween parties, and even candles and flowers for our departed loved ones (in the Philippine setting). But the #FeelsFest just proved that October could also be about romance and books and a lot of FEELS! Yes, yesterday’s event was so successful and overwhelming I am just blogging about it now. 

Books are available, both old and new titles, and there are some authors who have their books sold-out. Too bad I wasn’t able to get the hardprint copies of the books I’ve been eyeing, so I guess I just have live with the Amazon copies for now. 

So before everything started, my friends and I took advantage of not-so-empty space to take pictures. It felt good to be reunited with old author friends, after a long time of virtual and sometimes late night conversations. 

L to R: Arlene Manocot, author of Once Summer Days, yours truly, Yeyet Soriano, author of Kate, Finally, Raquel Sarah A. Castro, author of Styling Serendipity and Jesse David, author of Era. Photo courtesy of Kim Derla.
This time with Kim Derla, author of 13th Prayer, currently distributed by St. Paul’s.
And even though I have this thing for Rob from Kate, Finally, I chose Shinta here because he’s definitely my man for the day.

Then happened the live reading, which is something I’ve learned to expect in every event like this. I guess when feelings are involved, I just can’t tame myself. When Gio Gahol started to give life to Toni of Sweeter By The Second by C.P. Santi, my mind automatically conjured up the scene from that book I’ve read months ago, and his dark chocolatey voice didn’t help to keep myself from squealing from my seat! 😂

I don’t record live readings since I prefer to live the moment (nuks!). But I captured this for the sake of blogging. And yeah, I am not really good at capturing things. 😂

When the live reading has ended, it was time for the authors releasing brand new titles to speak and pitch their books (oh wait, I am one of them). I wasn’t fully prepared really so I didn’t know what to say. I was able to do it though, thankfully. 

By the end of the program, winners of the games were announced. Too bad I wasn’t able to finish that human bingo, even after Gio signed up a box. Likewise, I felt hopeless with the photo collage, because by the time I mustered the confidence to take picture with one of the live readers doing heart symbol with his hand, he was gone. Yes, it’s Gio. And no, I am not crushing on him because I know I’m gonna be murdered. 😂 the dark chocolatey voice, though!

Then a surpise came, as I heard my name being called as one of the winners for the raffle, and I got a bag of goodies! 

Among these items, I’m excited about the black notebook because I could finally use the metallic pens I got for Christmas two years ago! Yay!

Then of course, catching up with friends is always better over cups of coffee. 

From Kim Derla’s IG account.

Yep, #FeelsFest was full of feels and fun! If you were there, thank you for coming. If not, then we’ll see you in the next event for feels. 

Spread the loove!


Beth G. ❤


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