Book Report: Kate, Finally by Yeyet Soriano

I am soooo overloaded with romance these days from all Korean dramas I’m marathoning and the newest #romanceclass books that I’ve been reading. Kate, Finally is one of the books that’s really worth the wait on the 22nd. Yeyet Soriano effectively kept me curious ’till the end, just like what she did with The Retreat and Turning Points

What Is It About? 

I’m not going to elaborate this further – this is love triangle story. Between Kate Borromeo, a self-published author, Rob, her boy bestfriend from college, and Layne, the man she spent steamy nights with in different countries in Asia. Now, when I think of it, as I put the story this way, it sounded like a different story all together. 😂 So, now you pretty much have some curiousity on what I am talking about. 

What I Think About It

In romance books where there are two love interests involved, there is always Team A and Team B (e.g. Twilight, Team Edward and Team Jacob… okay, I was Team Edward, so what?!) In Kate, Finally, I am blatantly saying I am TEAM ROB! You might question my choice after reading the book, since most people I know who have read the book are Team Layne, but I just can’t help but fall in love with Rob’s rough, badass character. Despite the fact that he also has a softer side, he’s devilishly good looking enough to earn all the right and the confidence in the world to be the jerkest of the jerks (well, no one actually has the right to be a jerk in real life in my opinion), and it broke my heart. Layne, on the other hand, could be your typical sweet and loving and caring kuya, the one with whom you could make lambing without feeling cheesy and corny. Yeah, I like guys like that in real life, but… Rob! 

The Love Triangle Thingy

I think Kate’s dilemma is the simplest of all, yet it is not. Choosing between the guy you’ve been in love with for almost half your life, and the guy who gave you sudden bliss and made you feel free of all the emotional baggage you’ve enslaved yourself with for the longest time is just hard. In one of the Kdramas I’ve watched, they said that if you ever find yourself in this situation, let go of the one you feel sorry the most. But then, both of these guys are competent enough. Both of them, at least in Kate’s time of choosing, deserve that special place in Kate’s heart. As I read the book, I also found myself weighing them just like Kate did, putting myself in Kate’s shoes (asyumera lang) and think, who am I gonna choose between them if I were Kate? In the end though, no matter which team I sided, I agree that Kate has made a sound decision. It was obvious that she didn’t allow her heart get in the way while she decided what’s the best for all of them. 

Let’s Talk About the Smut Level

There are no super detailed bed scenes in this book, but there are lots of them. It was written in a colorful way, though, and you could just allow your imagination work for you as you turn the pages. Layne was too experienced enough despite having no serious girlfriends, and I was thinking where did he get the nerve to play around when he has three sisters that might get played too! And Rob… oh what can I say? I guess being good at it is part of the job description of being a “badass”.

The Chicharon and Balut

Yes, apart from the fact that this book featured some places in Asia (and Australia), it also featured lots of things about the Philippines, which I found interesting. Boracay, Pagudpod and other things about Ilocos were mentioned in the book (mahalin ang sariling atin), and some of my favorite food like chicharon bulaklak, balut and sisig (if you’re not from the Philippines and wondering what are these, the book actually explained it :D). I was wondering though why isaw and taho were not mentioned, for a total Philippine streetfoood treat! 

In Conclusion

Kate, Finally is another book that gave me a roller-coaster of feels. It is a book that could teach you how to make sound choices when it comes to the matter of the heart, which is something that most people have a hard time with. 

The book is already available for pre-order on Amazon  or you can buy the print editon at the #FeelsFest on October 22nd, Gloritta 5 Atrium from 2pm-6pm. Contact Yeyet Soriano at for more details. 


Beth G. ❤


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