It’s October #FeelsFest: I Am Excited and You’re Invited!

Brace yourselves because if September was eventful due to the MIBF, October’s gonna be full of feels. Yes, and this is because the #romanceclass community is holding another event for Filipino romance authors, readers and everybody who has feels. We called it #FeelsFest, which will be held at the Glorietta 5 Atrium on October 22. 

This lovely poster is created by Ms. Miles Tan.

So why am I excited? Well, for one, the #AprilFeelsDay pretty much gave me all the reasons to look forward to this. The activities were all new to me, things that I haven’t done before. Here are some of the many things and feels to expect from the #FeelsFest. 

1. Meet and greet your favorite Filipino romance authors. Yes. Our fairygod mother, Ms. Mina V. Esguerra never cease to make our author’s/reader’s dreams come true. I was just a reader back then, but the workshops and the various events she holds allowed me to meet the authors of the books I’ve read.  What’s more, I was also encouraged to write my own romance stories. 

2. Books, books and more books. This is pretty much like the MIBF thing, but focused on indie Filipino romance books in English. This is going to be another pocket-wrenching, wallet-breaking event if you are a certified book hoarder. 

3. Live Readings. This is by far my most favorite of all. It’s when the actors read a certain part of a chosen book and give life to the characters. I discovered Chrissie Peria’s All’s Fair In Blog and War through this, and I can’t wait to get curious about more books through live readings. 

4. More or less 15 new titles are going to be released. Since another #romanceclass workshop has ended in June, those who wanted to have their manuscripts released into the wild are given the chance to launch their books during the #FeelsFest. There are more or less 15 new titles, and I am particularly waiting for Yeyet Soriano‘s book. Well, that’s the only one which I’ve seen the draft and I fell in love with it. 

5. My newest book is going to be there, too. Well, I decided it’s the best time to go indie, along with other authors who braved themselves into sharing their masterpieces in the world. My story is also part of the #romanceclass workshop and yeah, it’s one of the 15 new titles. I should be able to do some cover reveal soon! 

But of course this aren’t just the only things the could be expected. This is also the chance for you to meet your fellow romance readers and exprience fun while savouring all the feels. Romance reader or not, you should definitely come. 

Are you excited too? Comment below. 


Beth G. ❤


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