Book Report: All’s Fair In Blog And War by Chrissie Peria

Yay for finally reading this book. I’ve been eyeing this since #AprilsFeelsDay and I am so glad that I finally scored a copy of it from the recent MIBF. All’s Fair In Blog and War made me feel like my blogging can certainly pave a way to a happily ever after. 😂 well, who knows, right? 

I really don’t mind waiting as long as there’s a good book in my hands.

What Is It About

Five Cuevas received an invitation to join an all-expense paid trip to Macau, and the only thing she has to do in return is to feature the place on her blog. Who wouldn’t be lured in an all-expense trip out of the country, right? She wasn’t the only one who’s going though, because Jesse Ruiz, a dignified-judgemental-know-it-all hottie is also going, and after an interesting and not-so embarrassing  meet-cute, fate made them travel buddies. After checking all the things that she needed to do in Macau, Five certainly did not expect that there’s actually an additional item in her to-do list. 

What I Think About It

I became interested in this book because it was featured in one of the live readings that happened in the #AprilFeelsDay. Along with the characters of That Kind of Guy by Ms. Mina Esguerra (I haven’t scored a copy yet), Five and Jesse came to life through the superb reading of Rachel Coates and Gio Gahol. So when I was reading the book, I couldn’t help but imagine them as the actual Five and Jesse. 

The Meet-Cute

I should say that an I-already-hate-you-when-I-first-laid-my-eyes-on-you meet up is quite full of impact. I could always see myself smiling with this kind of boy and girl first meet, especially when it’s written from the girl’s point of view. Books like The Choice (Nicholas Sparks) have this kind of meet-cute, and they never cease to make me wonder why girls are often mistaken about first impressions. I guess this is saying something because I am a girl. Or maybe we are just too way defensive because we already know what’s gonna happen after, for sure? 

Perks of Blogging and the Virtual Trip to Macau

Yeah, I really wonder if it happens in real life. If one day my inbox would ping for an email saying that I am going to an all-expense paid trip somewhere (Seoul? 😂) so I could blog about it. Five’s blog must have been super impressive. Meanwhile, the story being set in an interesting place like Macau is something that I’ve learned to look for in a book. The awesome description of the place, as well as how the egg tarts tasted made me feel like I was actually there. To be honest, when I hear Macau, I used to think of another Las Vegas place, with its brightly lit casinos and also, rice cakes (don’t ask me about the rice cakes because I don’t know either). However, this book gave me the idea that Macau isn’t just about… err… gambling? because it also offers endless historical attractions and of course, good food. 

In Conclusion

All’s Fair In Blog and War is another romance story that won me. Now when I think of Macau, instead of casinos, I’d think about bungee jumping, egg tarts and falling in love. 

Should You Read It? 

Definitely. I got my copy from the MIBF for Php200. You can get yours by contacting Chrissie Peria at 

Spread the loooove!


Beth G. ❤ 


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