What Dream High Taught Me Seven Years After

Korean dramas have become my addiction these days, and since I can’t get over the last one I’ve seen, I might as well write about it. Dream High Season 1 premiered some seven years ago (it suddenly became a life mission to watch all Kim Soo Hyun visual media, well… sort of) and though I do not entirely regret watching it super late, I am in fact glad that I came across this drama. 

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Dream High is a story of high school kids who have passion for arts and music, and their different ways of reaching for their dreams. Needless to say, the drama is all about chasing dreams. It might have been out there several years ago, but the fact remains that the life lessons it contains remain timeless. Here are some of the things I realized (and maybe you could if you haven’t seen it yet and probably want to) after marathoning the drama. 

1. Your dreams can salvage somebody else’s dream, or life. This might be harsh, but the story begins with Go Hye-mi being chased off by men who her father was in debt with. The last resort she has to clear it up is to enroll at Kirin Arts School, be an artist and pay all her father’s debts. She believed Kirin Arts School isn’t for her, since she believed pop music was trash (she’s into classical music). But passion for singing and performing do not necessarily choose a specific route. As long as you are able to do what you want and you’re happy with it, it really doesn’t matter.

2. Rivals can make you better… or worse. This is what Teacher Shi adviced Yoon Baek-hee when she obviously wanted to shine and get to the top. I liked this quote merely because it rings true – rivals can really make you grow because you’d do just everything to make yourself better and defeat them. Things is, if overdone, it can transform you into a monster. 

3. Not everything is all about you, even if you are the best. Jason is the top student during the auditions at Kirin Art School, and I personally believe that he was full of himself. There were parts in the drama when he appeared to be über confident about himself, even skipping the practice for the showcase despite the fact that he’d go solo in the group performance. Rightfully, the solo performance was given to the one who thoroughly practiced and could actually deliver as excellent as he could have been. 

4. It’s not all about the looks, it’s all about the talent. Kim Pil-sook wasn’t too confident about herself at first, because her physical appearance wasn’t fit for a star (she was fat) but she managed to get in because her voice was magnificent. Then infatuation happened, followed by a great transformation that shook Jason’s world crazy! 😂

5. Sometimes, it’s not all about your dreams, but also compassion towards other people. Jin-gook was the first one who got to debut among them, but his newly-bloomed career went downhill when a controversy about him hitting the president of his recording company went to public. Though he never wanted to tell anyone the truth behind what happened, it led to the mending of the broken relationshi he had with his father and a renewed friendship was born. 

6. There’s no stopping you from reaching your dreams except excuses. Yes, because if you really want to do something, you’d never allow anything come your way, even a rare condition (MG?) Song Sam Dong is a country boy whose brilliance when it comes to music, singing and composing cannot be denied. The downside? He has a rare condition that makes him deaf. Despite all that though, nothing’s gonna stop this kid from singing and loving music and going crazy over Go Hye-mi. 😍

I don’t know what he did to me, really, but he was the reason I watched this drama. 😂

7. There are always those who are willing to help you achieve your dreams. Seek help from them and thank them after. The Kirin Art School Director, Teacher Kang, Teacher Yang and Teacher Shi believed that there is more to these kids chasing their dreams. With their experiences and unwavering support, young faces were led to stardom. 

Just like High School Musical or Step Up, Dream High is one of those teenage TV series packed with dancing, singing and stunning stage performances. I particularly lov that part when Sam Dong and Pil-sook sang for the musical emotion test, the “Flash Mob” scene and the performance with the Japanese band. 

Dream High might already be seven years old, but I should say it is still a must-watch especially for the younger generation who aspires to make it big someday. 

Do you watch Asian dramas too? What’s your favorite? 


Beth G. 


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