My Newest To-Do List After Reading Bro. Bo’s How to Turn Thoughts Into Things

Before I plunge myself into marathoning another KDrama, let me tell you about my newest read. I’ve featured on my previous post that I was able to meet Bro. Bo Sanchez, and allow me to clarify that we just didn’t do photo op with him – I actually bought one of his books. It’s called How to Turn Thoughts Into Things. 

I got my copy from the Shepherd’s Voice Publication in the MIBF.

I never denied the fact that I have so little tolerance when it comes to reading non-fiction books, and this book, having only 12 chapters made an immense exception. Add the fact that it was written lightly and in an entertaining way, not only I did finish it in an hour, I was also able to come up with a list that was suggested by the end of the book. 

So, how to turn thoughts into things? No, the book didn’t give an unusual formula or a sort of encantation that would allow me to conjure up my thoughts into a tangible thing in my hand. What this book provided are the basics of humanity (Christianity is a strong word but I want to believe it’s pretty much the same), something that all people should actually be doing but all of us chose to neglect, for reasons only ourselces know about. Things that, when we start to practice, can make a whole lot of difference. 

1. Be generous. I am the type of person that’s too skeptical about giving alms. Apart from the fact that giving money to beggars on the street is practically againts the law, there are lots of scams and modus that I’m just too scared to get involved in. But then being generous does not start and end in alms giving – it could be a form of giving back to God what’s due to Him. Or alloting time for family and friends. Or giving love to everyone around me. Challenging, I know, bit perhaps it could make me smile a little bit more. 

2. Always aim for the better. Being satisfied with the outcome of what I did already makes me feel accomplished, despite the fact that I could have done a little bit more to achieve perfection. Mediocracy isn’t exactly a crime, but if I could push for excellence, then why not? Like the book said, be a superstar. 

3. Learn when to quit. Quitting might be a bad thing for some, but Bro. Bo suggested that there are times when quitting is actually the best way to solve the problem. Maybe all we need to learn is the art of saying no. 

4. Wait patiently for the fruit of your labor. Oftentimes I feel the haste of getting what I want, without considering the possibility that long wait leads to better things. They say wine tastes better if you wait for it to mature. So maybe I also need to learn the art of waiting. And what to do while I wait? Work more. 

Super basic, right? These aren’t just the only things you’d learn if you read the book, although these are what applied to me the most. I encourage you to read this book as well if you haven’t yet, and start to turn your thoughts into things. Bro. Bo’s books are available at the National Book Store (I’ve seen them) so you could get your copy there too. 

Happy midweek! 


Beth G. 


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