All The Feels and Reasons Why MIBF 2016 Was So Much Fun

It’s already Monday but I still feel a bit dazed due to the excitement and feels  had for the past two days. Mall of Asia is almost three hours away from where I lived, but it didn’t matter because events like the Manila International Book Fair happen just once every year. And even if I give myself an ultimate assurance that I could skip this year’s event because there’s still next year, the things that I would experience this year are gonna be different. Besides, it’s living my life to the fullest. 

What happened this year that I may no longer encounter next year, given the chance? Let me tell you a detailed recap of what my two-day MIBF 2016 feels like. 

1. Inspiration here and there. MIBF 2015 was also super fun, as we did the A Book For An eBook Project. I became an indie digitally published author and spent the weekend with my new author friends. MIBF 2016 is different because I attended the event not as an author, but a blogger covering book launches. It made me realize the importance of bloggers and the online community in promoting one’s books. As an author, I felt the need of knowing the right people who I could trust enough to help me promote my books in the future. As a blogger, I felt the power of influence that thru my blog posts, I could help not only authors but anyone who needed help in marketing and pronotion. 

2. It’s an opportunity to meet people and growing your network. Who would have thought that I would come face to face with people whose face I only see at the back of their books? I met the great Ricky Lee just this year as he talked about his journey in his self-publishing his books in the Secret Life of Books, and who would have thought that I would see him again? Author and Lampara publisher Segundo Matias Jr. was also there launching his book, along with the renowed authors of the epic Precious Hearts Romances. And the weekend highlighter? Meeting the most famous charismatic leader in the Philippines, Mr. Bo Sanchez. No, we didn’t exactly exchanged business cards, but meeting them is already a huge achievement. 

With Mr. Ricky Lee in the book launch and press con of Moymoy Lulumboy Book 3 by Segundo Matias Jr.
With Mr. Segundo Matias Jr., author of Moymoy Lulumboy series.

With the Philippines' most famous charismatic leader, Bo Sanchez.

3. It’s one of the many huge ways to support my friends. 

Kim Derla, also known as Lee Miyaki in her books like Sir You’re Hot is a dear friend and I am just so happy to say that she also got her own book signing event at the MIBF. Her newest release 13th Prayer, published under St. Pauls hit the market yesterday. I couldn’t be prouder of this girl when at a very young age, she was able to accomplish a lot of things in life, and even influence other people – she was actually the one whi introduced me in the publication world. 13th Prayer is her sixth book. Visit her site at to know more about her. 

While waiting for the swarming of people.
Yes, I enjoyed being Manager Beth for one day. 😂

4. Lots of new activities can be discovered. When I became a member of the #romanceclass community, I thought it’s just another club or society of romance writers who didn’t really care about anything else other than producing good romance stories. I was thrilled to know that I actually came across a group of writers who can also be my friends, who gets thrilled when I review their books, and people who welcomed me and made me feel like I was really one of them. What’s more, they love doing fun stuff, like live readings of a random sceneof a chosen #romanceclass book where you could see the characters somehow come to life. Live readings was held during the last day of MIBF and it made me want to buy that book about chemical reactions. 

Live Reading #romanceclass
At the #romanceclass booth.

Too bad I wasn’t able to take pictures of even one of the #romanceclass authors. 😥

4. Books are on your way. Freebies too. Of course the first booth I searched for was the #romanceclass booth, where books by indie authors are available. I wanted to buy all of them, but apart from the fact that I didn’t have enough money to book haul, I’ve already downloaded most of them from Buqo. But I still got a couple of them. Lots of books are on sale in National Book Store, PSICom, PHR, Lampara and others. 

I got All’s Fair in Blog and War because of the superb live reading on #AprilFeelsDay. It got me totally intrigued.

And of course, the press kit I got from the Moymoy Lulumboy and Rebel Fiction Launch. The loot bag contained several books, shirt pencils and other stuff. 

Am I going to the next MIBF? Definitely. I won’t be sure if I’d appear as an author, a blogger or just a casual book hoarder, but I’d definitely come again. 


Beth G. 


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