Moymoy Lulumboy and Rebel Fiction Book Launch at The MIBF 2016

MIBF is one of the main events that’s most awaited by book addicts like me. There are lots of book-related happenings and this weekend, I was honored to be invited to the launch of the third installment of Segundo Matias Jr.’s book, Moymoy Lulumboy and the newest YA Tagalog reads, Rebel Fiction

Moymoy Lulumboy: Ang Paghahanap Kay Inay

Moymoy Lulumboy is a series of books written by Segundo Matias Jr. and its third installment hits the market today. Honestly, the Harry Potter fan in me got so excited upon learning about these books because, finally, there’s this kind of book that’s both magical and mythical in the Philippine setting. Aswang, diwata, and other mythical creatures that I have heard in stories as a kid are featured in these books and so I plan to read all of them. I imagine this would be like Harry Potter or maybe Percy Jackson in the Philippine setting. 😀 What’s more, the book also has illustrations created by Jomike Tejido, an award-winning visual artist, so this is something that kids would totally enjoy.

Q&A session with author Segundo Matias Jr. and illustrator Jomike Tejido about the book, Moymoy Lulumboy.

Rebel Fiction

Who haven’t heard of Precious Hearts Romances books? If you are a Filipino, or someone who happened to live in the Philippines for a long time now, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Anyway, it’s a brand of books that features conventional type of romance stories – dreamy handsome guy to the rescue  of a girl who’s seemingly a damsel in distress and ends in happily ever after – you get the picture. Rebel Fiction dares to break these conventional love stories. Defined as young adult reads, these books go beyond the customary happy-ever-after ending and only-in-novels-do-exist characters. Ten books are launched today that dared touch contemporary issues including teenage pregnancy, sexuality and other issues teenagers encounter these days. 

Q&A session with the authors of Rebel Fiction books.

The Launch

It isn’t my first time to attend book launches, but this one certainly made an impact. The place was packed with people – bloggers, readers and even the great Ricky Lee was there! I was impressed by the fact that parts of some of the books were portrayed by PETA artists, something similar to the live readings we’ve been doing in #romanceclass. In my opinion, it helps both the readers and non-readers decide if a book is worth reading, or interesting. It’s like giving a trailer to a movie. 

Fangirling with author Segundo Matias Jr. and Kim Derla, who will also be having he own book signing tomorrow!

The program ran from 11am to 3:30pm and bloggers got exclusive press kit as well as some giveaways from the authors. 

The next time you visit the bookstore, make sure to check out these books and add them all to your reading list! 

Happy book shopping! 


Beth G. 


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