If We Were Having Coffee, Vol. 13

I am not feeling good lately. I feel a bit let down for some reason. Whenever I am feeling this way, I would go out and take a walk, play with my toddler nieces, see a movie or treat myself with expensive food somewhere. But right now, I can’t even lift up my butt from the bed unless I am getting another cup of coffee or lunch and I would just sit and look out the window to watch the world go by. Or glue my face to this Korean drama I’ve recently watched. Too dramatic? I don’t know. Okay, well maybe I am exaggerating a bit. But this pretty much sums up my past few days. And really, I want my medications to take the blame for this because I didn’t feel the same way before, unless you count those moments when I needed to drag myself to work because taking calls and talking to strangera felt monotonous and exhausting and nonsense.

I want to believe that I am really going to be okay, and I so I am reading this. It received it last Christmas and I’m glad I finally have the time to read it.

Another week has passed, and aside from new projects and writing gigs, there’s pretty much nothing new going on. I wasn’t even able to attend that screening for Ricky Lee’s writing workshop because I couldn’t climb up the stairs, let alone go to U.P. all by myself. But MIBF is going to be a bomb, so I just know I have to be there. I have a friend who’s gonna be conducting a book signing, and even if I could get a signed copy of her books by dropping by her house, the experience is of course, far different.

I also finished watching all the episodes of My Love From Another Star, another Korean drama about an alien coming on to Earth during the Joseon Era, and lived here for 400 years, and a high-end girl celebrity. Do Min Joon’s character is my most favorite of all, and the story is just superb. It was premiered some three years ago, I think 2014. Because of this drama, I downloaded an app that would help me speak Korean and am also planning a trip to South Korea (yes I am THAT thick!) I swear I’ve never felt this fanatic, not after Nick Carter and the Backstreet Boys. Kim Soo Hyun is just… ooh how can I say this?


My Current State of Mind

So check out what’s in my current list today.

Currently reading:

That book featured above, You’re Going To Be Okay. I am not good at reading non-fiction (it makes my eyelids heavy) but hey, I’m trying. 

Currently writing:

An essay about guns being allowed or not in the college universities. Pretty tough!   

Currently thinking:

Kim Soo Hyun

Currently feeling:

Useless. Haven’t been productive the past couple of days.  

Currently on my playlist:

I downloaded My Love From Another Star OST and that’s what I’m listening rigt now. My favorite is Space Love. 

Currently on my movie list:

I’d like to see Train to Busan, actually.

Currently craving:

Mocha cake. Or peanut butter cake. And cafe Americano. 

Currently missing:

Nicole, who is in Australia right now because marriage happened. 

What happened to your week? Tell me about it.


Beth G.


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