If We Were Having Coffee, Vol. 12

Hello and welcome to my another edition of Weekend Coffee Share. Starting this volume, I intend to be more elaborate about my thoughts and feelings. It’s another lazy Sunday afternoon, and the heaven’s downpour seems merciless. Perfect to spend with a cup of coffee, don’t you think?

I am supposed to be in the screening process for Ricky Lee’s 15th Scriptwriting workshop. Remember I was so excited about this event that I actually posted about it a few days ago. But no, I stayed home. Apart from the fact that I woke up out of breath this morning and the rain kept on pouring, terrorist threats are here and there. Yes, this is a very difficult time for the Philippines these days. People are killed, civilians are blasted, and everyone who has a negative say about these are not helping. I am not gonna go into the depths of it – as much as I care about my country, I don’t wanna be a meddler (because that’s how I might appear). Anyway, I just want to be safe.

But then despite the myasthenic weakness I am experiencing, I am mostly working on freelancing projects, and I am currently looking at two write ups shamelessly. I need to finish them today but still I am uncertain if I would be able to tackle them with the remaining hours I have for the day. Although procrastination overpowers me these days, I was able to finish reading two books. Yes – Still Alice, the one I just reviewed left me in tears and a complete one-to-one with myself. And the other one, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child made me want to read and watch the entire series again. Please watch out for my review about it.

My Current State of Mind

So check out what’s in my current list today.

Currently reading:

The research materials for the essay I need to finish this afternoon. 

Currently writing:

That story set outside Manila (outside the Philippines actually) about a girl who’s trying to enjoy life and a guy who tries to find some answers in life. 

Currently thinking:

The winners of the writing competition I entered months ago. 

Currently feeling:

Not exactly lonesome since I have coffee in front of me… but definitely missing someone. Ayay! 

Currently on my playlist:

Some Backstreet Boys A Capella (Shape of My Heart, All I Have To Give, I Want It That Way). Backstreet Boys music has that distinct sound that soothes my soul and I don’t know what. 

Currently on my movie list:

Me Before You. I was about to watch it during a bridal shower but I underwent surgery. 😪

Currently craving:

None as of the moment. But chocolate cake would be nice. 

Currently missing:

That boy who told me to always take care of myself. 

So, how’s your week? How did you spend the weekend? Tell me about it.


Beth G.


One thought on “If We Were Having Coffee, Vol. 12

  1. awww. thank you for the updates!!! GEEZ! I loooove Still Alice, Beth! 😀 I’ve read more from her and she is great in breaking hearts I must say!!!

    Good luck on the writing competition! be safe and i hope the recovery is going well. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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