I’ll See You In September…

Yep, the title is an oldie song – I just didn’t want be one of those who’d say wake me up when September ends… Guess I wanted to be different for once. 😂

It’s another month and I am so excited. Number one, there is so much good things to expect this September. Number two, important events happened in my past Septembers and I want to kinda make a huge deal out of them through this blog. Number three, I know there’s gonna be countdown of days before Christmas later in the news! If these are not valid reasons for me to get excited, well, I don’t know what else is valid. 

So let’s get started. 

Good Things to Expect this September

1) Ricky Lee’s 15th Film Scriptwriting Workshop.  Allow me to say that I am super excited to join this workshop, even if I am still unsure if I would be able to pass the screening process. The mere fact that I am going to get screened is an accomplishment itself. 

© to Mina V. Esguerra’s Facebook page.

2) Manila International Book Fair. Hello fellow bookworms! This is our chance to hoarde some good books for our reading indulgence. And as if this doesn’t suffice, the #romanceclass community is gonna be having a booth and will make some #romanceclass books available! Not only that, live readings are also going to happen. I am going to post something about it in a more detailed post. Isn’t it too exciting? 

Some Books I Intend to Read this September

Apart from the books I am asked to review, there are some extra books I added in my TBR (hell, it’s a lot of books!). There are just three of them for now, but I am pretty sure some more will be added after the MIBF. 

Still Alice. This is a fiction book I came across while researching for one of the characters of the story I am currently working on. Still Alice is about a woman who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease – the saddest of all the sickness if you’ll ask me. 

My Imaginary Ex. Got the digital copy of this book for free when the author Mina V. Esguerra posted the download link on her FB page. My eyes are über sensitive when they see the words free and books put together, side by side. 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Finally! After months of waiting and weeks of being in the waiting list (luckily not as long as Sirius Black waited in Azkaban), I am getting hold of this precious book! I am under the impression that this is a must-have for the pureblood fans! 😂

Can you tell me about the things you’re excited about this September? I want to hear about it. 


Beth G.


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