Get Language Online Courses at Wlingua

I am not an app person. Except for the social media platforms I need in order to interact with my friends and readers and some mobile apps that my clients in freelancing required me to have, there’s not much that can be seen on my phone. But lately I have downloaded two language apps – for Spanish (Wlingua) and Korean (Learn Korean) because I figured it would be nice to learn Song Joong Ki‘s native tongue lol. 

WLingua is a Heaven-Sent App

I attended Instituto Cervantes de Manila some five yeas ago, hoping I’d finish all the courses that would enable me to read Noli Me Tangere in the original language it was written (yes, I’m that thick! 😂). But that plan didn’t pan out – long before the third course, I dropped. Apart from the fact that I didn’t like the new teacher, I felt it was too tiring because I went to school after my graveyard shift. So anyway, I am planning to go back, and I want to be somehow geared up before my return. Lucky I came across this mobile app called Wlingua, and it has been great so far, not only in making me remember my Spanish lessons half a decade ago, but also for allowing me to understand and learn new things. 

Disclaimer: I didn’t receive any payment in promoting this app. I just found it super useful and you might also want to try it. 🙂

This is what I’ve been doing for the past week now before bedtime. At first I thought it would just give me some Spanish common phrases and expressions, but it’s actually way more than that. Wlingua provides Spanish grammar lessons as well, something that I am basically after. Apart from the fact that I am easily learning Spanish on my own, there are also some other advantages like:

  • Learning Spanish in my own time of convenience.
  • Achieving my goal to review my Spanish without leaving the house.
  • Being able to continue reviewing and learning anytime, anywhere because it can be downloaded on my phone. 

How I Am Learning So Far

For you to start the lessons in Wlingua, you should establish an account first (this is absolutely free). It’s as easy as 123, like you’re setting up a Gmail account. There is also a premium subscription, something that I haven’t tried yet. Then there are over 42 Spanish lessons, from the basic parts of speech (nouns, pronouns, adjectives) to conjugations (Spanish languge is oozing with conjugations). Currently I am reviewing my ser (to be) usage. 

I haven’t dug deeper through this entire Wlingua site, so I am not sure if it also offers a one-to-one tutorial with a live person. But what’s good about this online Spanish course is that there is also audio usage, so I could listen to the correct pronunciation of the words. Well, though Spanish is a syllabic language, it is also important to learn the correct stressed syllable for words because incorrect stress in a word can mean a whole different word. There’s also audio dictation excercises which is fun it feels like you are just playing a common quizzing game app. 

If you are looking for another hobby that would take you somewhere, then I recommend you this. I’m not sure if this is also available on iOS devices (I use android). I downloaded it fron Google Play. 

I shall update you again here once I progressed some more. 🙂 

What other language do you wish to learn, given the chance. Let’s talk about it. 


Beth G. 


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