Reasons Why I Became Hooked with Descendants of the Sun


I know I won’t be able to move on until I post my thoughts about the newest TV drama series that I just finished, Descendants of the Sun. Many of my friends have gone gaga over this 2016 Korean drama, and I easily became one of them. Apart from the fact that Song Joong Ki a.k.a. Big Boss has that charm that no woman could resist, the story line is just different I can’t help but really get hooked. And I should say that there’s something about Korean dramas that tugs the viewers’ heartstrings, something that I could seldom find in other dramas on TV.

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So anyway, let me tell you a bit of a background first. It’s a story about the captain of a South Korean Special Forces Unit Yoo Si Jin and a surgeon Kang Mo Yeon, two people involved in professions that are unlikely to fall in love. If you’d come to think of it, is there really a chance for the romance to survive? Captain Yoo is always out there fighting for world peace with his life, while Dr. Kang is busy saving lives. Go figure.

So what is so special about this Korean TV drama that everyone has gone crazy about it? Everybody must have their different reasons, but here’s mine. 😀

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1. The story is far different from other dramas I’ve seen before. Growing up in a country that’s also packed with its own brand of teledramas, maybe I just got tired of seeing old cliches – lost and found kid, deceit and endless family feuds. Descendants of the Sun offered a fresh plot, with its soldier-doctor romance story, packed with action and other real-life scenarios.

2. It’s not just romance. Yes, it wasn’t just about two people coming from different worlds who fell in love. It was also about one’s life principles, and choosing between living by them and setting them aside if the situation says so. There are many scenes where Dr. Kang and Captain Yoo needed to choose between saving one life for another, and allowing one to die for the sake of many others.

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3. Romance survives if both parties really want it to. Like what I’ve been saying, soldier-doctor romance seemed so far-fetched to begin with, let alone contemplating how this kind of romance would survive. I know for a fact that it’s just fiction, but the words commitment, trust, honesty and compromise were all over the place. Captain Yoo and Dr. Kang, after so many interruptions because of work, finally came around to waching that movie they never saw the first time. And yeah, there are many more of this that I would no longer elaborate so there’s something else you could watch out for in case you haven’t seen it.

4. The script is just too straightforward and funny. This is what I love the most about Korean dramas. My dad and I usually have a good laugh about how straightforward the characters could be.

5. The characters are just too charming I can’t get enough of them. Song Hye Kyo has always been my favorite Korean star eversince that heartbreaking Endless Love (Autumn in my Heart). Then partnered with the super cutee hunk Song Joong Ki, what more could a girl like me ask for? Hahaha

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6. It’s not all about them. I also like the fact that the story didn’t just revolve around them. There’s also Sergeant Major Seo Dae Young and the army surgeon Yoon Myeong Ju, whose romance was also too interesting and too kilig to behold.

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© to the owner

Just like other Korean dramas, Descendants of the Sun didn’t have much kissing scenes, something I deem remarkable because despite the less display of physical contact, it managed to deliver lots of good feels and kilig. 

What’s the last TV series that you’ve marathoned? Tell me about it in the comments section. 🙂


Beth G.


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