Where to Get Free Books the Legal Way

I used to buy bulks of books when I was younger. Digital copies were not much of a trend (at least in the community where I was). My colleagues and I took pride of having a tangible book on our workstations in hopes that the story would help us ward off boredom during long nightshifts and the seemingly incurable volume of calls. 

Then came the digital era, and when I bought my first smartphone, I didn’t realize that I would be doing a bit of an unfair act. I took advantage of being able to get free books through book piracy. My thirst for reading was quenched without spending a dime, but also without realizing that I was actually stealing something that someone spent so many sleepless nights just to get done, and might actually have bled for it in the process. When I became a published author, that’s when I started to appreciate the authors’ hard work in producing books that allowed me to go places and other kind of worlds and meet new friends through the characters without leaving the comfort of my bed, or workstation, or my chosen corner to read. 

There are actually lots of websites that offer free books legally. The authors themselvs are giving free books and digital copies of their books if we are just too keen to follow them. Because I came upon the belief that it isn’t really the money (though maybe it’s part of it), but the time and the effort and the energy and the ideas of the author that we are actually stealing when we download from unauthorized sites. 

These are just some of the books I got for free, and I downloaded them from the links that the authors themselves have provided in their social media accounts and websites. Since I didn’t pay for anything, I read them and provide reviews and tell my friends that I enjoyed them. I haven’t read some of these books though, so you won’t see any reviews on them yet. 

If you want to get free books, you can click here for more info. Let’d support our favorite authors by buying their books, or reviewing and recommending their books. 


Beth G. 


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