If We Were Having Coffee, Vol. 10

Last weekend was supposed to be volume 10, but yeah, I wasn’t around. 

© to the owner

So anyway, I’m here now and I am all ready to share you guys the things that happened the past week and the things I am up to. First off, myasthenia gravis struck me again. 😦 just when I thought it was about to leave me for good, it made me feel it’s presence again through my mouth and fingers. FINGERS! Imagine how my life would be if my fingers are disabled. Good thing it was just minimal, happens ever afternoon till evening for a few days. I already told the neurologist about it, and I am going to see him next week.

I’ve long ago proven that MG won’t stop me, really. I have been in my worst MG fight, and still managed to finish four books in the three years it tried to cripple me. God has been so good He allowed me to win the battle. Anyway, my new book is set to be out on October, the one with the Spanish chef and featured Spanish dishes I haven’t had on my plate! Haha please watch out for this, although I haven’t got a decent cover for it until now. 

So currently, I am writing another story, this time it involves a girl with MG – I plan to make this an MG awareness fiction so I really pray to God that it would be successful. Then there’s this short story I tried to finish in order to make it to the Tales of Hugot, wherein 12 stories will be chosen to be published as an audiobook. The short story I wrote this week didn’t make it, so I looked for another story instead, and luckily I found one that’s good for the competition. 

The unfinished short story is called Lies My Ex-Girlfriend Told Me, and I’m going to make it available to you guys once I’ve tweaked it a bit. 

Now, tell me how did your week go. 


Beth G. 


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