Book Report: Classified by Georgette Gonzales

It’s the second #HeistClub book that I’ve read this month, and allow me to say that this series is packed with soooo much crime. Just finished reading Classified, and it took me to the realm of possibilities that the people with whom we entrusted our safety and future and welfare could be the very same people who could destroy them in an instant.

What Is It About? 

Danilo Halili is a photographer, not an investigative journalist. So what business did he have, being nosy about that interesting conversation he overheard? Maybe except that it wasn’t just an interesting conversation at all. And maybe, all of us have an inner patriot, and Danilo’s had woken up and realized he needed to do something in order to save innocent lives, people who are practically strangers to him. Even if it would cost his own. And what about Ramon Tanchangco? What did he expect to discover as he dug deeper into Danilo’s questionable disappearance.

What I Think About It

If there is one thing I’ve learned from this book, it’s avoid being too nosy on other people’s business. I’ve read and seen many crime stories and most of them got the plot running because of a nosy protagonist. But of course, this is if you don’t really care. This is if you love your life and security and peace more than anything else. Besides, who wants to sleep at night with one eye open, right?

But if we’d come to think of it, nosy people could be regarded as heroes, especially those who discovered something so bad it would destroy the lives of many others. It is not easy to be the sacrificial lamb (and I am never quite sure because I haven’t done such thing), but I know you get the picture. Danilo was way too brave in trying to uncover the anomaly in that province, despite his knowledge of being killed in the end. Add the fact that Ms. Georgette Gonzales wrote in a way that I could imagine myself standing right in front of him when he was trying to collect hard evidences of what he’d heard. And the way he died! It was too descriptive that I was able to taste Danilo’s pain, I was was able to smell his blood and sweat as he endured all those inhumane treatment just because he wouldn’t breathe the name of his email recipient. I should say it was all and enough for me to learn not to be nosy about anyone’s business. No matter how topnotch it is. Sorry. Then I came to think of it, could this really happen in real life?
In Conclusion

I woke up this morning too hyped to get some work done. But apparently I was destined to read instead. Such a great crime story that I wonder if there was another as elaborate as this.

Should you read it? 

Definitely. Especially if you are into  elaborately described crime story. Oh and yeah, it’s just a prologue to most probably a bigger story so there’s more you could watch out for.

Where to Get It? 

You can download a digital copy from Amazon for $1.29 or contact the author at for hard copies.

Happy reading!


Beth G.


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