Book Report: The Retreat by Yeyet Soriano

The gloomy weather has once again forced me to do nothing but curl up and read. Thankfully, I saved some books for rainy days. The Retreat came in the mail a few weeks ago, and I’m sorry if I am posting my review just now. I just finished reading it, and man, it was awesome!


What Is It About?

Authors are challenged to write true-to-life crime novel set in the Philippines – crimes that haven’t been solved. They must finish the story, agree to have it edited and upon completion, they are guaranteed to get published with cash that would secure their retirement. Thing is, they are not allowed to breathe a word to anyone, else they’re out. Four authors got qualified – Simon, the crime writer, Maggie, the romance author, Rodney who writes paranormal and horror and Philip, who writes erotic literature. They are set to spend a week in a secluded island no one knew of to finish their manuscript. The question is, will all of them succeed? What lies behind this offer?

What I Think About It

Yeyet Soriano likes to make her readers think. Her book Turning Points, though it wasn’t for a quick read was something I just couldn’t put down because I was too curious about what would happen to the characters. Same thing happened here in The Retreat. The blurb itself got me thinking, and I was under the impression that all of the authors would die a tragic death in order for their stories to get resolution in the end. It’s a crime story anyway. But Yeyet had something else in mind. The book contained a lot of stories, stories that were written by her fictional authors, and though all of them were remarkable plots, there were some points that stayed with me and gave me chills. For one, it is just so sad to think that most people think suicide is actually an admission of guilt. There were other books I’ve read which viewed suicide as an act of the guilty, especially when the person is involved or accused of doing the crime. And the police stopping the investigation after someone takes responsibility for the crime committed? What if that person was forced to plead guilty? Maggie and Julian both had unfortunate childhoods, but Rodney? Rodney, the paranormal writer, had a good freakin’ reason why she wrote dark, grotesque stories. It kept me thinking, what if I have a friend who’s just like her?  Maybe I could spare all my friends from the writing community but, what if?

In Conclusion

Anyway, is a short read (I was able to finish it in a couple of hours), but packed with scenes that are absolutely beyond what you can imagine in a crime story.

Should You Read It?

Calling the attention of crime readers out there! This book definitely has to find a place in your bookshelf! And even if you are not a crime reader, you still need to read this if you seek redemption. 😀

Where to Get It?

The Retreat is available in Amazon for $2.99 and in Buqo for Php90. If you want a print copy, you can visit the author’s website and fill out an order form.

Happy reading!


Beth G.


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