On The Big Screen: Suicide Squad

Since I have net connection on my computer, let’s do this. ūüėÄ

I saw the movie yesterday, and I want to first of all be clear that I am not really a movie buff. I am just a casual movie goer, so if you are a hard-core fanatic of this kind of movies, then this post might be way under your standards. Anyway,¬†though¬†Will Smith ¬†was the main reason I wanted to watch the movie (I think he’s hot!), of course, I didn’t fail to appreciate the other elements of the movie.

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What is it about?

The world needs saving,¬†but Superman is not with us to save the day. Besides, Superman is too good. Amanda¬†Waller has an idea though. Why not allow the villains to take charge, put the humankind’s security and salvation in their hands?¬†So the profile of the five¬†popular convicted criminals were presented, though many¬†were not really keen in the idea. Until a supernatural force threatened the city. Maybe it’s really worth allowing the bad guys do good for once.

What I Think About It?

I wasn’t disappointed in the movie, unlike Batman Vs. Superman did to me. Although I must admit I pictured a different ending. The fight scenes weren’t too intense, but then I didn’t know what’s intense and not when it comes to this kind of films (indeed, a casual movie goer). It was what the message of the movie that I want to share my thoughts about.

It’s a man-thing being a father.

Okay, maybe not everyone may agree with this, since fatherhood is not really the only thing that makes up a man. I was able to say this because it’s what I’ve noticed with Floyd (a.k.a Deadshot) and El Diablo. Both were fathers and were yearning for their kids.¬†Both of them seemed to believe that they failed in that department, being a father. It was nice,¬†and though I was chasing for Will Smith in this movie, it could have been better if the film didn’t just focus on him and his eleven-year-old daughter, because that’s what it seemed to me.

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Talk About Crazy-Abusive Relationship

Let’s talk about¬†Joker and¬†Harley Quinn. I understand the fact that¬†Joker is kinda crooked, and that Harley Quinn is literally crazy. But I should say this –¬†their love story felt sick (geez, I don’t wanna judge but I just did, sorry). There were¬†significant scenes that projects Harley as someone who’s in an abusive relationship like jumping into a vat of acid chemicals and doing everything that Joker told¬†her. Okay, she’s fallen deeply in love. But…


Yeah, it was like an office love affair gone wrong. (c) to the owner.

Supernatural forces as the enemy, now what?

It seemed incredible though, that these topnotch bad guys, as bad as they were and as merciless as they were when it came to killing people, were still ordinary guys, and were able to fight off forces that actually did magic. El Diablo produces fire in his hands, and yes, he was the only guy in the bunch who I saw that has enough potential to fight the witch.

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In the end, I didn’t regret watching the movie.¬†Suicide Squad proved to be a good stress buster after a busy and tiring week. It premiered in Manila on August 5, and¬†people have¬†probably gone to see it this weekend.


Beth G.


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