If We Were Having Coffee, Vol. 9

I noticed that this Weekend Coffee Share has become something of a regular so I decided put count on it. It’s yet another Saturday morning, and with the now empty cup of coffee in front of me, let’s all get up close and personal.

It has been days that I haven’t been on Twitter. I mean, the app is on my phone, and I always have my phone with me, but I for some reason I didn’t have the will to open it. Anyway, I should have. Because if I did, then the good news has come my way sooner. I just won the signed paperback copy of Classified (hoorah! :-D). It’s one of the books in the newly launched Heist Club series written by Georgette Gonzales. It got me hyped because I’m gonna have another book to read. And it’s not an eBook this time but an actual book.

It was Tara Frejas, another Filipino romance auhor who ran the contest.

Then yesterday, I went to the movies. I figured it’s a Suicide Squad kind of day, and of course, I can’t wait to write something about it (yes, please wait for another blog post from me today). To be honest, the movie intrigued me because of Will Smith. I like him because he’s hot. Anyway, I didn’t go alone, I was with a college buddy. We’ve been seeing each other lately (but not a lot because we’re both busy and it’s not like what you’re thinking because that issue has already been cleared when we were in the university, gosh!), and we talked about things that we’ve been talking about ever since – life, careers, love, current events, politics and the likes because we’re both pol sci major. Then he told me that we should not always think of complicated things like love, and I told him, I should, because I am a romance author and it’s practically my job to think about complications ALL THE TIME! I am not really sure why I’m still telling you this. Maybe I just wanted to share, really.

Today I need to work on project, which was actually due last week. No, I didn’t forget it was due, but I need to exhaust all the strength and industriousness I have in me to do it. But then I am perfectly torn, because my Nicole (my bff) already sent her feedback for the first part of the draft of the story I am currently writing, so now I want to work on it instead of the pending project.

Oh, God, please help me!

What about you? What happened to your week? Tell me about it.


Beth G.



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