Who’s Your Favorite Filipino Author?

I’ve been missing for several days, I know. I know my other task should really not intervene with blogging, but I was working on something that needed my undivided attention. Anyway, I’m back now, and because I feel like the coming weeks are gonna be exciting as ever, let me share you something about writing and reading.

It’s August, and when I was in school, we celebrated it as Buwan ng Wika (Language Month?) in the Philippines. Everyone should speak in Filipino and there were cultural shows here and there. Yes, that’s how exciting school was during my days. Now that I am a grown-up and already out of school, the writing and reading communities I’m in are celebrating Buwan ng mga Akdang Pinoy (Reads by Filipino Authors Month?) There are no more cultural shows, but lots of books are featured in blogs and in social media pages. It’s pretty much as exciting as the cultural shows, especially for bookworms like me, and a Filipino published author.

books by filipino authors
Have you read these books?

Most of my books are out in lending, and these are some of the Filipino books that I’ve read and some of them are even featured on this blog. There are many of them, and most of the authors are my friends so I really am obliged to buy and read them (yes, I am THAT supportive!) I couldn’t say which one is my favorite though, because each one of them has a different writing style that I’ve learned to admire. But if I were to be asked which one is my ultimate favorite of all the Filipino books I’ve read, it would be Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere. No kidding! I love the element of rebellion and romance and mystery that I truly enjoyed it during my high school days. Or maybe my Filipino teacher was excellent. Or maybe both. 😀

So anyway, I am planning to feature some books and Filipino authors for this month. I can’t make a list of schedule, though I already have some people in mind. But if you have suggestions, please click here or comment below your thoughts. I’d love to hear all of them.


Beth G.



9 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favorite Filipino Author?

      1. Hmmm. How’s the process in publishing a book here in PH. I have researched about it already but I want to know it from someone who has successfully done it. That’s you. 🙂 I hope this question will not take a lot of your time. Thank you!

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