On The Big Screen: Imagine You and Me

The movie is already in its 2nd week in cinemas, and yeah, my mom wanted to see it late to avoid the overly enthusiastic fans (it’s hard to concentrate if there are people screaming at the top of their lungs whenever a kilig moment happens in a romantic film). Anyway, she is a big #AlDub fan. I, on the other hand, wanted to see it because Nicole (the BFF) told me that a part of the story I am currently working on resembles the movie. Right, fine. I like Alden Richards. I used to be a fan of the duo.

What is it about?


Gara (Maine Mendoza) is an OFW in Italy who simply wanted to provide for her family in the Philippines. She works as an animal caregiver (well, I’m not sure if that’s what it’s called but she walks Molly the dog in the park) and a housekeeper. Then there’s Andrew, a heartbroken pretty boy who still refused to move on from his ex-girlfriend’s rejection to his marriage proposal. The two meets, and Andrew’s temper and Gara’s light spirit led them to a love that Gara has been waiting for.

What I Think About It

First of all, the actors were superb. Second of all, the setting is too gorgeously romantic (well, it’s Italy). Maine Mendoza was able to deliver Gara’s character in an effortless manner. Her funny real-life persona must have greatly helped, because Gara seemed to be overly positive about things. In short, Maine’s acting was too natural, and I should say she nailed it. As for Alden Richards… well what could I say? I couldn’t forget his sungit lines! He’s too cute when serious, and when he acted as Andrew the Snob and Ill-Mannered guy, he looked irresistible. Add the fact that his line delivery was also all too natural. Both of them, along with the others, were great actors.

The story itself is just light – nothing too heavy in the drama department. Mostly it’s comedy and romance, thus romantic comedy. Although, I’d love to know about Gara’s family’s reaction in everything that has happened, especially when she was hospitalized. And how come Jasmine Curtis Smith still looks awesome even when she’s dying? πŸ˜€

In Conclusion

Imagine You and Me is a light, feel good film that would make you want to fall in love. Again. πŸ˜€


Beth G.


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