If We Were Having Coffee

I was busy this morning so I wasn’t able to share something with you over my morning caffeine dose. Now it’s a lazy Saturday afternoon, the rain pours heavily outside so, what more could you add to this for a more cozy feel?

A cup of coffee.

© to the owner.

I am supposed to be at Trinoma Cinema Lobby right now. Fellow romance writers are there for the #FeelsRushIn. It’s just like the #AprilFeelsDay that we had – same people, same activities but totally different feels. I really wanted to come, but the circumstances (the downpour) didn’t allow me. So I figured I must be content sitting by the window sipping coffee while the heaven pours its anger towards the earth.

On the brighter side, though, I landed two online writing jobs this week. YES. TWO! Same type of work, different client, different price. You ask me how I did it? Truth to be told, it’s divine interventions. God knows what I need and what I want, and I need the jobs in order to get what I want. I still have a pending application for another book review job, because the other one I’ve got requires me a lot of things and I’m not doing it for the kind of pay it offers (oh yeah, ako na choosy!).

I still have a lot in my parking shelf of books. The Retreat proves to be a page turner, though I’ve only read a few pages. Might make it my bedtime read tonight.

So, what happened to your week? Tell me about it.


Beth G.


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