Book Report: Songs to Get Over You by Jay E. Tria

Yes, it’s the sequel for Songs of Our Breakup, the one I reviewed in my last post before this. As I read the first installment, I suspected that my fondness of romance featuring rock bands would only be confined to those which featured Trainman. But no, this book won me over as much as the first one, and both books gave me the necessary urge to continue writing that story about a rock star and a dying girl I thought I’d leave hanging for infinity.

What Is It About?


If Songs of Our Breakup was about Jill and her broken heart, Songs to Get Over You was about Miki and his unfateful state of being friendzoned. Miki deals with his brokenness on his own, counting on his song writing prowess and on a pretty, stubborn girl that was Ana. The question is, would Ana be enough for him to get over the love that never was? Or did he need more than just that?

What I Think About It

I believe that this is hardly a spoiler, because it was pretty obvious in the first book that Miki had the feels for Jill. I’ve seen that scene so many times before, both in fiction and in real life, and I might have experienced it in my own life (me being Jill, and me being Miki haha). To be honest, Miki didn’t appeal to me the way Shinta did – Shinta the pretty boy who seemed to be a go-getter and possessing the just right amount of confidence to get what he wants because he knew he deserved to be happy. In fairness to Miki, though, he tried his best. He really did. But the sooner Jill makes her presence known, his hard work seem to crumble, leaving him to believe he wants her all over again.

On the other hand, I admire Ana’s perseverance. It was a giveaway that Miki wasn’t really into her in those first three dates. But then, maybe she was sooooo into Miki that she didn’t mind, believing and hoping that one day, someday, the guy in question would come to his senses and she’s going to win him over.

In Conclusion

I liked Songs of Our Breakup more than Songs to Get Over You only because Shinta is just sooo irresistible. 😄 True enough, it’s hard get over an intense feeling of love, but it’s harder to get over the love that never was. Songs to Get Over You also suggests that, in order to get over things, we must bravely face them. And of course, we need our friends, and maybe a little bit of a distraction during the healing process. Uhmm, and yeah, I really wonder what happens to Kim. 😄

Should You Read It?

If you’re a member of #TeamFriendzone, then this book is definitely for you. Maybe you could follow Miki’s steps on how to get over it. But seriously, this is a book you could curl up with on any given day. I got my digital copy from Buqo App, but it’s also available on Amazon for $2.99. If you want the hard print, you could visit Jay E. Tria’s website at

Happy reading!


Beth G.


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