Book Report: Songs of Our Breakup by Jay E. Tria

This book has been sitting in my digital shelf for quite sometime now, and thankfully, it made it to my bedtime read. I am not really so much of a rock band girl (Backstreet Boys is hardly a rock band and I am addicted to them), but Songs of Our Breakup won me over.

What is it about?

"You must have left behind your own trail of broken hearts"

Jillian is heartbroken after Kim, her boyfriend of seven years broke up with her. As if it couldn’t be more painful for her, both of them are in the same rock band called Trainman, and most of the songs they play are written by both of them. As Jillian tries to cope with her heartache, Shinta, a hot Japanese actor who also happens to be her friend seems too good a distraction, and may even help her pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

What I think about it

I just can’t imagine how Jill managed to cope with her heartbreak. The story opens with her being heartbroken for a couple of months and I wondered how did she survive seeing her ex on a regular basis and pretend that nothing ever happened except for the need to wash away seven years’ worth of memories and feelings. Good thing there was Miki, and I was also trying to figure out where to place him in the story, because it was too obvious that he had special feelings for Jill, too. Anyway, I sincerely believe that Jill’s courage in this is admirable. Not all women (especially in real life) would be able to put up with it. Her need for a distraction was certainly justified.

So here comes Shinta Mori – the indescribable hunk of a god, that no matter how often the book reiterates that he’s a Japanese actor, images of Matteo Do (Kim Soo Hyun) pops up my head. Maybe because of the Asian thing, and I super love the idea that Kim’s losing Jill for someone like him. That serves him right for being a colossal jerk. Although, everything that was mentioned in the story was vivid in my head, like I was watching a movie, especially the rain scene (oh you have to read the book in order to understand what I’m saying).

The song verses, though. This must be too funny, but whenever I get to those parts, I find myself groping for melody as if they were real songs and I wanted to sing them. Ms. Jay E. Tria, if you are reading this, can you confirm if the songs are real, like, they have the tune and music and everything? I really think they’re awesome, especially that final song, A Habit To Break.

In Conclusion

Songs of Our Breakup is a gem to behold if you’re a bookworm slash rock band freak. Like I said, I am not into rock bands that much, but the book totally won me over. It is also a perfect read for a lazy afternoon or a rainy day (I made it my bedtime read).

Should You Read It?

Rock band fan or nor, you definitely should. You wouldn’t want to miss the way Shinta helped Jill fix her broken heart. You can get your digital copy from Amazon or maybe you can contact the author for hard copies at

Happy reading!


Beth G.


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